Sunday, August 18, 2013

The start of a new week 8-18

Ah, Sunday, a day of rest, sort of.  In the olden days, you didn't do any work on Sundays at all and some still hold true to that.  Stores were closed, nothing was really open but churches and family homes for dinners.  We used to have Sunday dinners with family every Sunday when I was very small.  Then after my grandmother died, we stopped having family dinners there.  Mom always had something special for dinner and when I was learning how to cook, Mom taught me something new for Sunday dinners.  I don't remember a lot of what I made, but I do know how to make good roasts and chickens.  I can make a mean pot roast with veggies.  I should shock everyone and do one!  That would be so surprising for everyone.  He he he!  I will!!!  I will get a good roast next month along with the veggies and make a dinner for the family.

Today the kids came home from camp.  It has been a quiet 4 days without them.  They left on Thursday and arrived today.  Both had a really good time.  Acer wanted to listen to some YouTube videos right away of the bop it games.  We were exploring YouTube before he left.  YouTube was not working too well today so we had to stop watching them.  Acer was able to get some on his ipod but even they weren't working too well.  I told him we would try again this week.

I am excited because Hannah will be having lessons again.  She is such a good piano player not to mention a really nice young lady.  I can't believe it has been 10 years since I met her and her family.  Her sister, Sarah, will be 10 next month.  She was a tiny baby when I first met her.  I have some fun new music for the young lady for her lesson tomorrow.  It is more music from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie.  It has such wonderful music in it!  I know that I enjoy the music a lot too.

Next week, Sunday, will be the summer concert at the Shelby Nursing Center.  I am excited about this because my friend, Jen will also be performing.  I asked her too.  I will be collecting the names of the songs that the kids will be performing at the nursing home.  I have to get some ink so I can make the programs.  I want to have them for the residents.  I hope that I make enough and not too many or not enough.  I think the kids will enjoy the concert too.  Acer and Calli are doing a duet of "Ave Maria" as they both know the song really well.  Acer will also be playing a piano solo and singing a vocal solo.  He is singing "Hands" but he and I are not sure what song he will play on the piano yet.  He is such an amazing young man.  He really is.  He and Calli sound so lovely together when they sing duets.  I really love how they blend.  My three little girls will be playing the piano too.  They are such good piano players.  It is hard to believe how young they are.  The twins, Brooke and Jillian are 6 and Aubrey is 8.  Aubrey is the youngest student who has ever been in the level she is in.  I mean, wow, she is amazing.  All 3 of the little ones are going to competition.  I am excited about that.  They are also writing their essays for their entries for the scholarship for the weekend.  I hope one of them wins!  I really do.  Everything is due so early for the competition this year.  I have to remember to contact Becca about lessons and see if she is going to competition this year.  I can't remember how old she is now.  Last year I knew exactly what I wanted her to sing but this year I am not sure.  I will have to give it some major thought.  It is something I will need to do in the next few weeks.

I ache everywhere today and it is more than usual.  I don't really know why, but I am taking stuff for that.  I feel much better than I did earlier in the day but I am still more sore than usual.  I figure after another night sleep I should be better tomorrow.

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  1. just as I was loading your post I had turned to the hubby and said, " I really ache today!" we are on the same page, hehe.
    I remember those Sundays well and wish that it was still customary to stay home of Sundays and visit with family. I'm getting old...uh-oh.
    have a good week, talk soon.