Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thursday 8-29

I had 2 doctor appointments today.  1 with the neurologist and the second with my primary care doctor. Both are really happy that I have lost 31 pounds as am I.  Dr. G, the primary care doctor, does want me to see a hematologist.  He seems to think that I will have to visit once and then I won't need to go again, which would work for me.  I don't need another doctor that I have to see on a regular basis.  My hemoglobin seems to be normal right now.  A year ago, it was not but now it is.  I don't get it either.  i am no longer taking the iron because it completely upset my stomach and it didn't matter what time I took it so I stopped.

I normally would not have made 2 appointments in one day but I knew I didn't have any lessons so it was okay.  I had the neuro appointment from 4 months ago.  I really like my neurologist a lot.  She is working really hard to find something to stop the daily headaches, especially the really bad ones.  For the past few months I have found that I get a really bad one at about 2 to 4 in the morning.  It is annoying and very difficult at times to deal with.  Generally, I have to come down the stairs and take more medicine, something I don't like to do but when it is necessary, it is necessary.

This Sunday is Maia's celebration of her Life party.  I didn't realize how many people were planning to attend.  Tilley says there will be about 70 to 80 people.  Ugh, I don't do really well at that big of a party, however, I am going.  I want to see my brother and my cousins.  I plan to stay a bit and then head back for home.  Monday is Labor Day and I have no plans for that day.  I also have no lessons.  It will be one of the last times for a long while that I will have 2 days of no lessons.  I don't mind.  Fall is a busy season and I like that.  It is also time to get ready for competition and Christmas.  All in all, I love fall in general as the temps are still nice during the day but not so humid.  I can breathe better in the fall and I tend to ache less in the fall.  I ache more in the extreme heat and the extreme cold so basically, I am a fall and spring girl.

I am going to get a new pair of Christmas pajamas as soon as the catalogue comes out because my pajamas are seriously getting too big.  They aren't to the point where they fall off me, but darn close.  Yes, it is my goal to have them fall off me one day.  It is a feeling I have never had and I really want that feeling to happen to me just once in my life.

Project Runway is on right now.  They have a shoe inspired challenge.  I only own a few pairs of shoes.  I never really got into owning a massive amount of shoes but it is an interesting challenge.  They are all heading on down to the runway now.  I can't wait to see who is going to win and who will go home.

Maisy and I had our daily snuggle today.  She is such a good snuggler.  I would say my anxiety has been lower overall due to the little dog.  Maisy gives love freely and doesn't expect anything but love in return.  I give her lots and lots of love in return.  To me, it is so easy to love her.  Q is also easy to love and as much as it pains me to admit, he behaves better than Maisy too.  Q had his head on my seat at the dining room table today and I almost sat on the dog.  Goofy dog, I don't think he will do that again anytime soon.

I was thinking about going to choir practice but I didn't feel well enough.  I just haven't really felt well enough to do a lot of things yet.  I am hoping that by the end of September I will be feeling well enough to go.  I will just have to and see.

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