Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Happy Doctor Day 8-14

I can't believe it but I made Doctor A happy with me!!!  I know!  It is a miracle!!  Well, she is very happy with the 28 (yup down 28 now) pounds I have lost.  Also, I asked for a prescription for a walker, one with a seat so that I can sit after walking for a bit.  I am trying to do more walking than riding on a scooter.  I am hoping that with more weight loss, I will be able to walk better and longer.  I would also like to be able to stand longer too.  I just have to be patient and boy, do I know that is so not one of my strong suits, but I will work on it.

I also finished Game of Thrones season 1 last night.  Oh my, the ending was epic!  Dragons!  3 Dragons!  How cool was that?  I loved the ending!  Originally, i didn't want to see the other seasons but now I do.  Arya kicks butt!  I love that character!  She is such a strong girl!  Not to mention, she has a sword called needle!  I will admit that I have to turn my head every so often as the sight of blood does make me sick to the stomach but mostly you can tell that is about to happen or at least when they are about to cut off someone's head.  It is such a good show and I am anxious for the rest of the seasons.  I can't believe I waited so long to see this show!

Maisy and I had a lovely snuggle for about 35 minutes today.  I loved every minute of it.  It was so wonderful, just me and the little snuggly dog.  Acer and I were listening to music the entire time I was resting and snuggling with Maisy.  I was so exhausted.  It could have something to do with the fact I went to bed at 1 am this morning because I was watching all of the rest of the Game of Throne episodes.  Yes, it certainly did.  Tomorrow I don't have to be up until I want to get up as I don't teach until 2:30 pm.  I won't sleep that late but I will sleep in, I am sure.

Not much exciting on TV tonight especially after watching Game of Thrones last night.  Everything else seems so, well, dull.  Completely dull in comparison.  It is almost like a let down after such an interesting show.  Kathy just finished listening to the audio book of Game of Thrones.  She says the show is very close to the book so I am super glad about that!  I don't like it when they are not the same or similar enough.  I just need to finish up my tea and take my bedtime medicine before words with friends.  I am doing alright.  I am getting better.  I hope Star made her move today!  I am now playing against her too.  We shall have fun with this, I think.

Pain level is rather high today.  I think part of it is because when I see Dr. A she always checks my range of motion and that often makes me sore.  I am not sure why else other than that but I was medium sore before the appointment and very sore after.  I know she doesn't mean to hurt me, it just happens.  She has to check my range of motion.  I have improved some with my left shoulder.  I can now put my arm over my head and behind my back, which was something I could not do a few months ago.  Like I said, I had one happy doctor there.  She wants to see me again in 4 months although I am doing so well she said it really is just to see how I am doing on the weight loss.  Dr. A is very excited about my losing of weight.  I figured she would be happy but wow, I didn't know she would be this happy about it but I am not complaining!  I like happy doctors!  I like making my doctor happy that is for sure.  My daily headache was really bad this afternoon, which is unusual, usually it is bad in the morning and at night, but now it is medium bad.  I am hoping for some improvement when I go to bed.

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  1. YAY...nothing better than making the doctor happy! I'm so proud of you for making and sticking to your new life changes, you go girl!