Sunday, August 11, 2013

Girl Time 8-11

I went to Kalamazoo yesterday to spend yesterday and today with Kathy.  It was a well needed break as this summer has not been so good.  It hasn't been the worst, but it certainly hasn't been the best either.  I had made these plans on the fly this week.  I called Kathy and asked her what her schedule for the weekend looked like.  She said it was pretty open so we put the plans together just like that.  I left yesterday about 9:30 ish so I would get there around noon.  I picked up Kathy and the fun began.  We went to lunch and discussed what our plans were.  I had decided that we really needed to have pedicures as neither of us have ever had one.  Boy, was it awesome.  I didn't have the lady paint my toenails though as I usually don't.  Kathy picked a really pretty bright pink.  It looked really good.  After that, Kathy's kids and husband, Tony came to the hotel and they all went swimming while Kathy and I chatted.  I amused Kathy with many stories about Maisy and how much I love that little dog.  I will freely admit that Maisy has me wrapped around her little paw and she KNOWS it!  Trust, she knows.  Maisy just gave me that look and I was hooked forever.  That is all there is to it.  So while the kids and Tony swam, Kathy and I chatted up a storm.  We caught up on everything, although I will have to admit, there wasn't too much to catch completely on because we text each other quite frequently, like almost everyday.  But we talked about so many different things.  After the kids and Tony went home, Kathy and I headed to Panera (yes!  Thankfully they have them there too!!!) for dinner.  We each got a salad with shrimp.  Oh, the shrimp are huge and wonderful!  We brought the salads back to the hotel so we could eat and watch the DVDs I had brought with me.  Kathy's son, Matthew (the oldest), had brought his PS3 for us to use so we could watch the DVDs.  I had brought discs 2 through 5 of Game of Thrones Season 1.  I did already see the 3rd episode that Kathy hasn't seen but that was okay to see it again.  We watched episodes 3, 4, 5, and 6.  Oh my.  I DID need to turn my head a couple of times because it was either about to be gross or was gross but I expected that that would happen as Bill did warn me about the graphicness of the show.  I love the story line though. I just wish it wasn't so explicate with both violence and nudity but it is an HBO show and the do this because they can.

Oh my, I must digress from the weekend.  Maisy is a ninja dog as we call her.  She just did the most ninja thing yet after the candy incident.  Well, I was sitting here in the dining room writing this post when the little dog came into the room with something in her mouth.  Apparently, there was a blue bag with 3 ziplock bags full of dog food on top of the dog food container.  (It is a rolling container and fits a huge bag of dog food in it).  Well, she managed to get that bag down from the top of the container and then get into the bag to get a bag of food out of it.  Needless to say, I threw cold water on her plans.  Maisy did NOT look sorry for that one bit.  Not one little bit was she sorry about her ninja skills getting the dog food.  The bags were not even for Maisy, they were for Q who eats about 5 times the amount that Maisy does since he is about 5 times the size of Maisy.  of course, after she was caught, she wanted a tummy rub, two of them in fact.  Yes, I caved and gave them to her after I hung up the food bag.

Back to the weekend.  I drove Kathy back to her house and then went back to the hotel to go to sleep.  As usual, I did not sleep very well, but that is normal for me.  We then had lunch at IHOP today before I drove home and took a nap.  I did have to turn around about 10 minutes into my drive home because Kathy forgot her wallet in my car.  Silly Kathy, she would need that for driving and grocery shopping and all those good things.

Anyways, it was a nice overnight away.  I have 4 more episodes left for Game of Thrones season 1.  I am rather tired tonight so I think I will just read for a few and then go to bed.  I have 2 lessons tomorrow so I can sleep in if I want, which I probably will want to.

We are having a celebration of Maia's life on September 1.  On one hand, I am so glad she is no longer suffering and isn't in pain anymore, on the other, I can't believe she is gone.  I just can't at times.  I know it is selfish of me to want her here when she was suffering so much and no, I don't want her here suffering, I want her here like she was before she got cancer.  I want her healthy and here.  I miss her a lot.  I know her kids and the rest of the family misses her too.

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  1. It's not selfish to want the person you love to still be here with us and part of our lives, what is selfish is making her stay here after her time was ready to go home...there is no need for someone to suffer so much. It's just that our hearts can't let go. I'm glad you had a weekend with your bestie, I hope it helped.