Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thursday 8-15

It is the middle of the month and my music room still looks pretty much like it did at the beginning of the month, which was not my goal.  I wanted it done by now and it is not.  I have imposed a deadline on myself that by the end of August.  I have to make that deadline because the room really needs to be in order.

I had Maisy with me most of today.  She was in my room right before Heather B-T and Bill left to take the kids to camp and stayed until they came home after dinner.  Maisy was so good when we went to Panera for soup and McD for my drink.  She was such a good girl and stayed on the passenger side of the car.  I was so pleased with her.  Then I had one lesson.  I took a nap after that and Maisy snuggled with me during the nap.  I was happy about that.  She is such a snuggly dog.  I simply adore her.  I know she barks too much and has been known to do doggie business in the house, but overall, she is a good girl.

I don't have any plans for the weekend, other than working on the music room.  I do hope to go out to lunch with Heather B-T and use one of the gift certificates that I have.  If we don't, that is okay.  We will eventually.  It isn't like these expire because they really don't.

I am watching project runway right now.  This is last weeks episode.  The new episode will be on right after this.  I love this show.  I was planning to go to choir, but I am not feeling so good today so I didn't go.  I miss going to church but with these headaches that happen so much, there isn't much I can do about it.  I will eventually be able to get back to it.  The doctor is doing the best that she can with the medicines.  I told Dr. A yesterday that I would not take anymore medicine that would cause weight gain and she said sometimes you just don't have a choice.  Well, I do and I will not do that anymore.  I am finally losing the weight so I do not want to gain anymore weight.

I am getting very tired.  I think I will try to stay up and watch the next episode but I am not sure I will stay awake.

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