Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Beautiful Day 8-17

It is so lovely outside!  It really is.  Heather B-T was ambitious today and she has taken down about 6 trees that are growing in the wrong places in the patio so far today.  I am impressed and it looks so nice without those trees where they don't belong.  She is a master gardener and a landscaper.  There really isn't much she can't do with flowers and trees.  They grow like magic for her.  It is beautiful to see.  I really appreciate a beautiful garden, I just know that I don't really have the skills to create it myself but I love beautiful gardens that others create.  A garden is such a lovely, living, breathing element that brings peace to me.  It always has.  Mom had that magic too and she loved working in the garden.  When we were small, we also had vegetable gardens and nothing was cooler than going to the garden to get our dinner.  I tried to grow on many years ago but since I had no idea when they were ripe and ready to be picked, I killed them all.  Some of the vegetables didn't even grow so that was the last time I tried to create one myself.  Now, I just bask in the beauty and appreciate other people's work.

Maisy wasn't a happy camper for some of the afternoon as she couldn't go out with Mama.  She had to stay in with me.  At one point that was fine.  She came up into my room and was on my bed snuggling with me but then once Heather B-T and Bill came back in the house, we both came down the stairs.  She is sitting in the hallway where she can see all three of us.  Maisy likes to know where her people are at all times.  Such a sweet little fluffy dog, she is.

I have an Hiatal Hernia.  There really isn't any treatment that I am not already doing.  I am taking both Zantac and Prilosec so I am covered.  They say most people don't really have any symptoms and that is it with me so I am glad about that.  It hurts occasionally in the area but I don't believe it is the hernia at all, just the usual fibro stuff.  With fibro, you can have weird pains at any time and I am no exception to that rule.  I do have weird pains at different times but nothing too serious.  I take my medicine and if necessary some Tylenol and then I am back to the usual me.  I am glad that the bleeding is gone.  I do have issues with bleeding but I am glad at this point I am not bleeding at all or as far as I know anyway!  Dr. T does want me to see an Hematologist though.  I will ask why when i see Rachel this coming week.  I actually see his Physician's Assistants and I don't mind.  I usually see Linetta but she is on maternity leave so right now I am seeing Rachel.  I do hope to return to see Linetta soon because I really do like her and I think she has helped with the IBS and tummy issues a lot.  I just don't really want another doctor to see but I will talk it over and then make a decision.  I go to see Rachel on Thursday.

Today is a regular pain day, including the headache pain.  It isn't too bad, it isn't gone, it is just there.  I was super tired earlier since I did have to get up early and I didn't sleep too well last night but that is normal for me, especially on a Saturday.  I don't have any lessons tomorrow so I can sleep in.  I did have to go and get some Tylenol Pm and Regular extra strength Tylenol since we were completely out. I didn't bring Maisy as I was going into the store and I don't bring her when I go into stores because I don't like to leave her in the car.  I don't ever like to leave her in the car so I only bring her when I am going through drive thrus or to get gas or to the bank because then we don't get out of the car.  There is a gas station around town that will actually pump the gas for you and since I can't stand the smell of gas (it makes me nauseous), I will drive 8 extra miles to go there.  I really will and naturally, if I can, I will take Maisy.

I am doing pretty well on the words with friends game.  I am improving, which is my goal, of course,  I enjoy the game so I play it pretty much every day.  I am not so into the other games I was into like the angry birds as I was when I first got my nook.  Now, I just play words with friends.

Maisy is sitting right next to me right now as Heather B-T and Bill went to get dinner.  I am not sure if they are cooking or picking something up.  It doesn't matter.  Either is fine with me.  I love sitting next to Maisy.  She is such a soothing presence.

Well, anyway, it has been such a lovely day and now when I look out my window, I can see more of the backyard and less of the trees that don't belong in the patio in the backyard.  It looks every so much nicer.  Heather B-T does a nice job.  I can see Mom's roses much better now too.  They are fully blooming and are red.  They are carpet roses and the bush is huge and I mean huge.  It hasn't been looked after for about 10 years so the little bush is now a huge bush.  We had something weird happen to us this week.  One of our neighbors, with their dog, walked into our backyard, looked at it and walked out.  Now, in order to get into the back yard, you have to go through the side yard but wow, who goes into neighbors yards like that?  It was very strange.  We have some good neighbors and some strange neighbors.  That is all I can say.  We do have one that complains about our yard (or used to) when Mom was still here.  I could only afford to have someone come and cut the yard every couple weeks so the lawn would get long except in July when it would be brown because of the high heat and no rain (not like this year where it rained all July).  She would call and complain and then complain to the board of directors for our sub.  It finally got to the point where the head of the board went and told her exactly what was going on here, how Mom was really sick, and that I couldn't afford to have it done weekly.  She left me alone after that but still, mind your own lawn.  I was doing the best that I could do.  Mom had to take top priority with me.  She needed me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  I helped her with everything.  I do miss taking care of her - not everything - but somethings.  I miss our walks, picking out her clothes, and things like that.  I miss taking her everywhere with me.  A daughter's revenge on mom for clothes that she put me in as a child (not that I didn't like everything she ever put me in, because I did - she had good taste), was for me to pick her clothes out for her everyday. I made sure she looked super cute at all times.  Momma had to have the hair, the clothes, the shoes, everything put together to make her look adorable and she did, let me tell you.  I brought Mom pretty much everywhere with me.  Near the end, I had to have someone come and stay with her because she couldn't walk that well, but up until that part, she just came with me.  It never occurred to me to leave her at home.  Why would I?  It wasn't a problem to bring her.  She started coming everywhere with me in summer of 2006, she pretty much came everywhere with me prior to that but she could still drive at that point so she didn't come to the store with me, I didn't own it at that point.  If I wasn't going to work, she came with me but if I was going to teach, she didn't.  Once my brother and I bought the store she came with me to work and she loved every minute of it.  It made her feel so important and that was good because she was important to me.  I miss being with her all the time.  I know people would say take time for yourself and I did when I needed to but I knew there would come a day when I would have all the self time I wanted plus some.  I wanted to spend the time with her and that is what I did.  We were a team.  That is what I remember the most.  Momma and I were a team.

On to words with friends and then some dinner soon.  I am getting a bit hungry, which is unusual in itself.  I don't get hungry very often.  It isn't quite time to feed the Maisy girl yet either so we will both be eating about the same time.  She is sitting patiently at the hallway at the top of the stairs, waiting for the rest of her "people" to get home.

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