Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thursday 8-22

Ah, another beautiful day here.  It is a bit humid, but not too much.  The sun was nice and shining.

I had an appointment with yet another one of my billions (alright - a total exaggeration) doctors.  It was a follow up for the procedure that I had a couple of weeks ago.  Dr. T. wants me to see a hematologist because of the bleeding issues I have and my anemia.  I will be talking to Dr. G about it and see what he has to say.  I will make the appointment next week or the following week although I am so tired of doctors.  Oh, wait, I have Dr. R's appointment next week.  This is a check up on how the new medicine is working on the headaches.  It works so so.  I like that it doesn't increase my appetite (it actually at times decreases it) and I don't GAIN weight from it!  That is the best thing!  I am tired of medicine that causes weight gain.  I have gained a total of 105 pounds from medicine in the last 8 years.  Now I am on the proper direction for weight.  I am pleased with myself about all of this.

I am watching my usual Thursday show, Project Runway.  I really like this show.  This weeks inspiration was an overnight glamping trip.  I loved camping as a child.  I think I was the only child who could camp and stay super clean.  I hate (to this day too) getting dirty.  I seriously do.  If anything requires me to get dirty, I will refuse to do it.  I just hate getting dirty that much.  Momma used to tease me about it but in a nice way.  We would also go fishing.  Okay - Momma and the boys would go fishing, I would play with dolls or barbies in the boat.  I don't touch fish or worms or anything gross like that.  I will not clean the fish, however, I will cook it and eat it.  I didn't mind cooking the fish, but I absolutely refused to clean the fish.  That just grossed me out so much!  Momma and Richard did a lot of the cleaning of the fish.  Occasionally, I would hold the fishing pole but not very often.  I am just not an outside type of person.  We would also hike a lot.  I was always the last one.  We know now it was the fibro that made it hard for me, but we didn't know that then.  I just remember that after we were done, I would be so wiped out and I would often have to take a nap when we got back to the campsite. I had the coolest tent ever but I did give it to the neighbors who camp all the time since I no longer camp.

I had to digress for a moment and give Maisy some love.  Brandon put her in my lap and well I had to get some snuggles with her!  She is such a good snuggler!  I love that dog!!!!

Back to camping.  I used to take my 2 cousins with me camping but I can't camp anymore.  I have a hard time getting up and down, perhaps when I down all my weight I will be able to bend more.  Maybe I will even be able to kneel, something I cannot do right now.  It seriously hurts too much right now to do.  I do miss hanging out with Celia and Samantha but they are adults now and Celia has 2 children.  It seems like yesterday that they were very young and I spent a lot of time with them.  We had a lot of fun together, the three of us.  One time we even went camping with Momma.  She had a good time too.  Momma loved spending time with her nieces.  Samantha and Celia used to come over quite a bit before they moved to Niagara Falls.  I missed them when they moved there.  Now both are grown up and Samantha is in London and Celia in Hamilton.  They are so far away from me now.

Star and I are going to do some sewing together this fall.  I need to figure out what I am making for the students' Christmas Presents and she wants to sew some various projects.  I also think I want to make some skirts and dresses when I am down to a lesser weight.  I had wanted to teach Calli to sew this summer but she was so busy that we just didn't have the time to do that.  Maybe another season.  With the beginning of Junior High in about 1 1/2 weeks, I think I will wait and see how she does with the first weeks of school before bringing up sewing.  She is very busy and also has goalball on Saturdays.  Acer wants to learn too but he is just as busy.  Somedays, the kids are busier than I am on my busiest teaching and prep days!  It is nice that they are busy because that means that they are learning and doing lots of things.

Calli, Acer, and I were loading my ipod with music today and wow!  It did it on its own.  Calli is such a sweet heart and gave me her speakers to her old ipod.  She says she doesn't need it because she has an iphone.  Talk about being a generous girl, Calli really is.  Well, all of us are thrilled now that I have all the music in my music library on my ipod.  My TV episode of Winter is Coming is not on it, but that is okay.  I don't mind.  I have seen it and that is all that matters.  I have charged my ipod so it is ready to listen to tomorrow.  I am going to start importing my CDs so they will also go on my ipod.  I want alllllllll my Bon Jovi CDs on my ipod.  I love Bon Jovi, they are my favorite band ever.  My favorite singer is Amy Grant although there are others that I love too.  I just like Amy Grant best of all.  I haven't heard all of her latest CD but I do plan to get it soon.  I just can't right now.

On September 27, I have an appointment with the doctor that I will be getting my hearing aids from.  I am not sure if I will have them that day or if I am being fitted that day.  I don't know.  I don't remember the procedure to get them.  I am nervous about them, but I do need them so I am getting them.  It has become apparent in the last year that I need them and I can no longer ignore the lack of hearing issues.  It is kind of a good thing I am getting them, but on the other hand, I am not sure how my headaches will react with them.  I can only try.  So I am both scared and excited to be getting the hearing aids, scared because of the headache issues and excited because I will be able to hear better and hear things I have never heard before.  That will be good.  I haven't had good hearing since I was about 13 when I had a severe ear infection in both ears that lasted 8 months and permanently damaged my hearing.  It will be nice to not have to explain that I have a hearing loss and to look right at me when you speak to me.  It will also help me teach longer as I get older since I will be able to hear better.  That is very important to me as I love teaching and want to teach as long as possible.

I have a bad headache now.  It got bad as the day wore on.  By the time I got back from my blood tests, it was really bad.  I hope it improves during the night.  The last few weeks, I have had to get up in the middle of the night and take some Tylenol because my headache is so bad.  I wake up every night between 1:30 and 3 and then again between 5 and 6 so it is between those two times I have to come downstairs and take the medicine.

Heather B-T and I are working on the kitchen and dining room.  We are really working on organizing and finding homes for things.  The kitchen counter looks very nice and so does the counter the right of the stove.  We have managed to keep the dining room table pretty clear too.  That is very helpful.  I do have some stuff on top of the dresser that I need to find a new home for, but I will do that tomorrow before lessons.  My lovely Elizabeth will be absent tomorrow because she had a family member pass away out of state and they are headed to the funeral.  She will be moving her lesson day from Friday to Saturday since her current time is when she is at school.  My Fridays will be a bit less busy since she will be moving to Saturday.  Saturday will be getting a bit busier when fall starts, but I don't mind.  Summer hasn't been busy enough.  I only teach very part time, so to teach even less leaves even more free time for me to fill.  I am glad school will be starting and that students will be coming back to lessons.

I hope your day was good too!  Off to words with friends.

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