Sunday, August 9, 2009

A boring day, we went to see the new GI Joe movie.  It was alright.  A lot of action like I expected.  For those who like action, they will like the movie, it was non stop.  Of course, Mom fell asleep during the movie.  Don't ask how, I have no clue.  There was so much noise and blowing up of things that I don't know how anyone could sleep through that I don't know.

It is so hot today, as anticipated.  Hot and muggy, super muggy!  I knew this was coming, yet I am not ready for it.  I hope it doesn't stay.  It smells like rain too, not that I mind that.  I'd rather the rain then the heat.  Of course, I would prefer what we had the last few weeks.

Pain level is high today, apparently Mom has it too.  Her chest is sore.  I think it is gas again, but I will watch her in case.  I don't think she wants another trip to the ER, I know I wouldn't.  I think she is as tired as I am of that place.  My arm is sore and so is the shoulder.  I wish my arm would just go to a dull roar instead of burning.

We are not scootering today, that is for sure.  I hope this finds you doing well.

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