Thursday, August 6, 2009

Last week my cousin, Tilley, offered us her old house.  She has moved into a new house and doesn't want to sell the old one until the market improves.  I will be telling her no thank you tonight.  The house is in Windsor.  She really wants us to move, but mom and I have made the decision to stay.  I am very pleased with this decision, I figure, that I just have to hang on to the house until Mom no longer lives here.  I think at least one year.  Then I don't know what will happen, but we shall see.  Tilley will be disappointed, but we will visit her more often so it will seem like we live near her.

I met with Donna and Sam today and had a blast.  We had such a good time.  Mom smiled the whole time so I know she enjoyed herself.  She doesn't speak much except to me much anymore, I don't know if that is a part of Dementia or not.  It is something I will need to look up and research.  She is sleeping in her chair next to me again tonight while the world news is on.  Every so often she wakes up and then falls asleep again.

Pain level is medium today, it is getting harder to get a good night sleep, I can only sleep on my right side most of the time, and my leg gets so sore.  But when I turn over to the left, my arm aches right away and my back is just as sore.  It is really beginning to annoy me!  I want to sleep!  It is supposed to get very hot and humid this weekend, I will hide inside all weekend.  I hope my Murder She Wrote season 10, arrives tomorrow!  I still have Jag if it doesn't.  I expect to have high pain levels this weekend because of the weather.

I had to get a blood test this morning.  I have to go back on Monday because they couldn't get any blood, apparently it started and then stopped.  Both times.  Since I didn't want to get a third attempt (both arms ached already from the two tries) I elected to reschedule for Monday.

I think we will go for a scooter tonight although I am very tired.  I am getting up earlier tomorrow for sewing with the Muglia's.

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