Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mom is obsessing with toothbrushes this afternoon.  She is obsessed with wrapping everything in a paper towel, and I mean everything.  She is now wanting my toothbrush wrapped.  I don't.  She is very confused about this.  Little things like this drive me crazy about the disease dementia.  It isn't her fault, but oh my when it kicks in.  She seems to be finished with this one now.  I hope it doesn't surface again today.  She gets so upset over these type things and then she cries.

Anne was in town this weekend and I got to see her!!!!!!  I would have been able to spend more time with her if I had my phone not on vibrate.  After lessons yesterday I forgot to turn the volume up.  Ugh!  I missed 45 minutes with Anne.  She lives in NYC now and works at a Oxford Publishing.  She says its alright.  Her grandmother turned 75 this weekend so they had a party.  I wanted to have a party for Mom this past March when she turned 75, but we were flat broke. 

Monday, Katie is coming over after lessons to help pass out flyers for teaching.  I printed 500 of them and bought rubber bands for the houses that don't have the doors we can slip flyers into.  I am very grateful both she and Rachel are going to help me out.  I am hoping for at least 10 students, 20 would be better! 

My arm and shoulder as usual are burning.  My chest isn't hurting today, but it hurt again in the middle of the night.  I am really getting annoyed with it!  Stop hurting already!  My head isn't too bad right now.  Was a little worse this morning.

It looks real pretty out with the sun shining, however, it is a bit chilly.  I don't mind though, it is better than the 90 degree heat we had for a few days.  I ache so much more in extreme heat and cold.  To bad there is no utopia in temperatures.  I can't wait for fall to arrive.  I love fall with the changing of the leaves.  They look so nice.

I hope this finds you having a good day.  Not sure if we are scootering today, depends on Mom.

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