Friday, August 28, 2009

I thought bankruptcy was supposed to protect from this stuff, but since I haven't filed yet, only hired the lawyer, I guess not.  We got a bad bad surprise from the bank when we went to our Tim Horton's this morning.  Our card was declined.  Now I check my bank account everyday and couldn't imagine why it was denied.  So we went to the bank.  Apparently the lawsuit from Citibank is over and they have garnished my bank account - only I didn't know anything about it so I wasn't prepared.  Not that you can ever prepare for something like this.  I know am off of the bank account.  It is better this way - no one can touch our money now.  We lost like $600 to this incident (they were trying for $3900 - if I had it, I would have paid the bill!)  Ugh!

Other than that, we fortunately have a savings account in mom's name only so I removed $100 from it for food!  We are completely out!

Pain level is high since the money incident this morning.  My knee is at least back to normal.  I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital last night since I was having chest pains, but they went away and I stayed home.  It has been happening on and off all week.  I'm not sure it really means anything - so I will wait and see if the pain stays - if it stays I will go otherwise, I won't.

It is a raining day so no scootering today.  Maybe tomorrow!  No students today - but Katie and Rachel are going to help me pass out 500 flyers about lessons.  I hope to get more.  We all know what will happen sometime this year if I don't.  We will lose everything.

Try to have a good day.  

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