Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It is so nice out right now.  It is absolutely beautiful out.  Nice and cool and sunny out. We went to our usual and then took a nap, my head was so sore and so was my arm.  I still am very tired, we will probably go to bed a little earlier than normal especially since I have to get up early for a blood test.  I am meeting Donna and her granddaughter for a Tim Horton's tomorrow.  I had one student today, my Katie!  She is so awesome.  She is 16! (yes, that is 16).  She is singing some really nice songs and is excited to learn.  I love teaching kids that are interested in learning.  No more lessons until Saturday, well music lessons anyway.  Friday is sewing with the Muglias day.  They are great kids, so nice and well mannered and loving sewing.  We got the new Mary Maxim catalogue, (a crafting one) There are some nice kits I would like for Christmas.  I start shopping early because we are on such a limited budget here, like so many other families.

We are heading out to enjoy the evening!  I hope this finds you doing well and having a good day.

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