Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It is very hot and muggy right now.  Yuck.  Not my kind of weather at all.  We bought a lottery ticket for tonight and I am hopeful!  Yes, I know the odds, it is hard not to, but still, someone has got to win and why not me?  That's the attitude we need around here.

Pain is high today, because of the weather.  I have only one student, a make up from yesterday.  I'm thankful she is making it up.  Both of my boys are absent today, :(  :(  One will be here next week, but the other will be on vacation.  I hope he has fun.  We haven't been on vacation for a year, although, it isn't like we work hard around here, I want to go and see my brother and his family.  Unfortunately, I may not get to go until Christmas.  I am saving money for it now.  It was much easier when he lived in North Carolina, we could just drive in one day, not now, not in Seattle, Washington.  His contract job is almost over, so he will be out of work again.  He will move anywhere he gets a job, I just hope it is near by.  I miss him and the kids a lot.  I haven't seen them in a year.  Hard to believe it is been a year, seems like yesterday some times and others several years.

It is too hot to scooter so we aren't going to go.  I hope you are having a good day despite the heat.  I don't miss this heat at all!

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