Thursday, August 27, 2009

My dreams have been dashed.  No new studio.  I will be staying here at home to teach.  It was false advertising on the potential new place.  I am mad about that, but, hey, life goes on.  I will just take the marketing plan I was working on for the new place and change it for here at home.  I do have to call Alicia and let her know about no new place.  She will be sad too.

My knee has decided to join my arm and shoulder in pain.  Can't believe how bad it hurts.  Worse than the arm and shoulder.  It kept me up most of the night.  It is difficult to sleep now.  I need my pain killers!  The doctor needs to call the pharmacy back fast!

Hallmark channel put 7th Heaven back on!  Yeah!  I love this show.  It is a Christmas episode today.  I haven't seen this one.

It is raining out so unless it clears up, no scooter this afternoon or evening.  Mom will be bored again.  I don't know how to entertain her anymore.  She can't play games or do puzzles anymore.  It is sad.  So we sit and watch TV.  If I get more students, she will be busy.  She likes checking them in before their lessons and chatting with them.  She comes alive with children.

I hope this finds you doing well and well, not in pain, or less pain if you have any!  Have a great day!

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  1. Oh no! I was so excited for you about the new studio! What a disappointment. Well, keep it up at home and keep looking for another place if that's what you eventually want to do. I'm sorry :(