Sunday, August 23, 2009

Yesterday was not a very good day.  Mom asked me if I was Heather first thing in the morning.  Kinda killed my day.  Today she is much better.  She knows who I am.  Her memory is going fast right now.  I hope it slows down since I am on my own for figuring out what to do with her.  Both of my brothers live far away.  (I wonder if this was planned that way - so they won't have to see Mom decline) Anyways she is better today.  

I worked a bit on my copywriting course yesterday but just couldn't get my mind wrapped around what I need to do.  I have already done the first assignment, so it should be easier to do this time.  Only it wasn't.  I am going to work on it this afternoon too so I should have it ready to post tomorrow.  I have to call them and get the rest of the assignments after I post this one.  I am anxious to return to writing after 3 years of a music store.  I was doing well at my job at the time when I bought the store.  I feel like it was an interlude now and going back to writing will be good for me and Mom (she feels like she's helping because she reads everything I write and checks for spelling - not that she can spell these days, it will just help her feel important again)

Pain is high in the head and arm today.  Not happy about that.  My hands are too bad with all the typing I have done so I am happy about that.

I hope to scooter later this afternoon for a break.  Right now we are heading for Tim Horton's.  I hope Donna already got Samantha back and will meet us there.  

Have a great afternoon!!!!!!

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