Monday, August 10, 2009

Mom is tired today.  I don't know if the Tylenol PM I gave her last night helped her sleep at all.  I can't tell.  I am going to need to call and make an appointment with her doctor, she hasn't seen her in almost a year.  I think she is suffering from depression as well as dementia.  She doesn't sleep well either, I think she is awake most of the night.  She is interested in a day program.  She said she would go, I think it would do her good.  They have financial aid available too.  I think being with other people would help her a lot.  It would help me, maybe they have different things that will help her.

Pain level is medium today since it is not so hot.  I had a blood test today too.  The nurse got it in one shot, unlike Thursday when they couldn't get it at all.  I am sick of these blood tests, and well, of being sick in general.  I am tired of it and right now I am really tired of it.  I want to work, I want to live and be healthy.  I don't feel like I do much except sit around.  A lot of good that does.  I teach a few lessons a week, I used to teach so much more.  I miss my students and my store, life was interesting then.  It is so dull now.  At least I have two student today.  I feel like I live for the few hours I teach and just exist the rest of the time.  Mom and I have become bumps on a log, just two bumps, nothing else.

Storms are coming again, just like my mood.

I hope your day is better than mine.

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