Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It is definitely better today, however, I am soooo tired because we don't have milk and Mom was hungry so I had to get up and go with her Tim Horton's to get her breakfast.  I was an unhappy camper about this.  I am not a morning person especially when I don't get enough sleep at night, so to be woken up early, well, it wasn't a pretty picture.  The problem is, Mom gets her money TOMORROW, so I get to get up early tomorrow too, at least I am anticipating that since we don't have money today for milk.  So I feel cranky right now because I am sleep deprived.  I did try to take a nap, but Mom kept interrupting me.  I can't seem to get any sleep!

Pain is high today.  My arm and shoulder are not doing well.  My head seems to be joining them.

I have one student this afternoon and that is it.  I am glad that I have Charlie for his lesson.  Frank has cracked his wrist, so no lessons for at least 4 more weeks.  I miss him already.  Poor guy.  A cracked wrist.  That has got to hurt.  For everything I have done, I have never broken a bone.  Oops, wait, I cracked both collarbones as a baby.  I forgot about that.  Apparently, the first time I rolled over I rolled right off of the changing table.  The second time, I kicked myself out of Mom's arms and right on to the floor.  Fortunately, I don't remember the pain.  So I must amend my observation, I haven't broken my bones, just cracked.

I already scootered with Mom earlier.  I don't know if I want to go again.  I hope you are having a great day!!!

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