Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Super Cold Day 1-22

The high for today was about 10 degrees F.  I had to go and get my protime blood test.  I also had to get another handicap card.  It cost $10 to replace.  I think tomorrow I will stay inside.  It is supposed to be cold all week so I think I will be staying home for the week.  I will only go out when I absolutely need to.  I have soups, bread, lettuce, fruit, and milk so I have plenty to eat this week.  I also have enough tea and hot chocolate to stay warm.

Today, before Sammy's lesson, I texted Sam and asked her if she wanted tea or a hot chocolate.  She send me back a text saying her choice was hot chocolate.  I heated enough water for the both of us.  Sammy is such a sweet girl.  Her aunt Lorrie signed her up for lessons.  Sammy has a lovely voice and she is such a help.  I really enjoy her lessons.  We are also both Disney fanatics so that is even better.  I would say at this point, all the students are a lot of fun.  Natalie, Lydia, and Hannah are finished with lessons at this point.  The twins, Hannah and Natalie, wish to play for themselves and to focus more on art, which is what they want to do when they grow up.  Lydia is working very hard on sewing as at this point she would like to be a fashion designer.  All three are very talented.  I have some music that I will be dropping off when Patrick and Sarah have their lessons.  I was so excited because the piano solo music for Les Miserables came in today.  I had to call the girls and let them know.  I also posted it on face book.  They are very excited about it and the other music I will be bringing them next week.

NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles were re-runs tonight so I watched an episode of SVU that I hadn't seen yet.  I tried to watch Dance Moms, but I just am not in the mood for it.  I can't watch the insanity of that show tonight.  It got too old for me.  Yes, I like that the girls dance well, but I really don't care for the other part.  I don't miss that from dance that is for sure.

I am really learning a lot from one of the Fibromyalgia Groups I belong to about supplements, vitamins, minerals and what our bodies need.  I don't believe you can be cured with these things, just help control the pain, fatigue, and maybe the brain fog.  Yesterday I copied a list of symptoms to Fibromyalgia.  It is very, very long.  Some of them I have, some I don't as Fibro is as individual as we are.  Everybody has different things that bother them and how to treat them.    I am really hoping that the chiropractor will be able to help me with the nutrition.  I am seeing him for controlling the pain, helping the headaches, and also to lose weight.  I am learning how our bodies need different hormones to function properly and be in optimal weight.  I am reading a book that is very interesting and that is what they talk about, hormones.  I am about 1/2 way through.  I sent a message to Kathy telling her about book.  She can borrow it when I am done.  Kathy is doing well with her running 5k.  I am so proud of her.  She likes to run and she does decided to join this club.  This will be her second 5K run.  Sometimes, Kathy has Matthew and Jacob run with her.  That has to be awesome.  Matthew loves basketball and running.  I know this week has been tough for running since it is so cold out.  She had to stop running one day this last weekend since her toes were very cold and numb.  I hope she will be okay running in this weather.

It is girl scout cookie time.  I will not get cookies as I know what happens when I have them.  I mean to only eat one or two, but well, that just doesn't happen.  Mom could do that, but not me.  I will end up eating the whole box.  They are so addicting to me.

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