Sunday, January 27, 2013

The beginning of a new week 1-27

There will be some changes made in a little bit.  I think they will be good chances.  I can't go into specifics at this point, all I can say is prayers will be very welcomed.  So if you would, please pray for me and the changes.  Thank you for the prayers.

We have the timings for competition.  I am very pleased with this as we have never had the timings so early.   I am glad about that.  Sarah will be playing 2 piano pieces.  She is really doing very well.  I am really thrilled with how she is progressing.  Rebecca, Breanna, and Natalie are doing very well too.  Natalie seems to be less nervous about competition so that is good.  I do hope that she and Star will get together and talk about competition.  Star has competed before when she was Natalie's age.  I was worried that Natalie and Rebecca would be competing with each other as Rebecca is 11 and Natalie is 12.  Sometimes they have to put the ages together.  I am one thankful teacher that we won't have this issue this year.  Even though Natalie and Becca don't know each other, it would be rather stressful for all of us.  I am thankful that it is not happening.  Natalie will also be going to the luncheon with me.  I am happy about that because I will have someone to hang out with while we have lunch.  I will know more for Sarah and Breanna this week.  I am glad this year that my job was so much easier than last years.  I am in charge of the pianos!  Yes, I called stores to see who would rent us pianos for the competition.  I am in charge of having the logistics of the competition pianos.  I just have to send an update of where the pianos will be in the hotel.  I have that info now.  I will also submit the bill to Pattie for the competition.  All in all, I think this will be a good competition.  It is a month away now, at the end of February.  I am also happy that it is near home.  I will be staying overnight, because that will be easier for me, but it won't be such a long drive home at the end.  It usually takes several days of rest to recover from the weekend.  I also rest a lot during the weekend when I need to.  I have been to enough competitions to know how to pace myself, but sometimes things happen that are unexpected.  You can't  plan everything but I do try.

So far, the healthy stuff is going pretty well.  I have some more things to change and improve upon in the next few weeks.  After I see the chiropractor, I will make the rest of the food and supplement changes.

Well, Rick had his lesson today.  He is doing very well.  He is working on a Beatles song, Music of the Night, a Sonatina from Clementi (my favorite composer), and Fur Elise.  He is doing very well.  I do agree that parts of Fur Elise are very hard and a huge challenge for him, but he likes the main part pretty well.  Rick admitted today that 2 of the sections were probably a bit more of a challenge than he can do at this point.  I am just happy that he is playing piano and doing so well.

Tomorrow Patrick (Hannah, Natalie, Lydia, and Sarah's younger brother) will be starting piano.  He has done some fiddling around with it for the last few years.  I am excited about this.  He is a very nice little guy.  Sarah will also have her lesson tomorrow.  Hannah, Natalie, and Lydia will not be having lessons right now.  They wish to learn some things on their own, which with the level they are at, they can.  I did say they needed to still be in the concerts because I need to hear them play.  The Muglias are such a nice family.  I really like all the children.  I hope to spend some time in the next few weeks with the girls and watch a movie or two.  We do like a lot of the same movies.  I am not sure what movie is out that I would like to see.  I do have a couple of DVDs that I wish to see that I think the girls would like.  I want to see the "We Bought a Zoo" movie for a while now.  I have it.  I hope to see it soon with them.

I have so many books on my nook now.  I can no longer say I have nothing to read.  Trust me, I sure do have plenty to read.  The nice thing about the nook is that with getting the free books, I am getting introduced to new authors that I have never heard of.  this is definitely a good thing.

My headache isn't so bad right now.  This morning it wasn't too good, but it is better now.  The weather is a bit warmer (I can't believe that I consider 22 degrees F warmer) so my hips are not as bad as they were earlier in the week.  The hallucinations that I had with the higher dosage of headache medicine are gone so I no longer see things in the dark that are not there.  Thank goodness for that.  I see Dr. R near the end of February.  This will be after I see the chiropractor so I will have started some of the new supplements.  We shall see what is going to work better for me.

I am going to read for a while.  I am in the middle of a good book.

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