Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday 1-30

I had the initial consultation for the physical therapy for the carpal tunnel.  I am fortunate because there is no nerve damage because it is rare.  Maybe we caught it early enough to reverse the damage.  I did have moist heat for 15 minutes on my wrists.  I am going to get a new heating pad.  I don't have one at this point.  When I get paid I will buy one this weekend.  Lydia's 16th birthday is coming up.  I am planning to attend her luncheon for girls only.  She is such a beauty and a gentle soul!  Of all the 3 older Muglia girls, Lydia is the shyest one.  Lydia is very quiet.  Hannah is the somewhat quiet and Natalie is the chatterbox, or at least with me she is.  I just really like those girls!  I am blessed to have such good friends, family, students, and students' family.  Sarah wants to see Wreck It Ralph.  I told her that we were going to do something just the two of us.  She has had to miss a couple of movies that the older girls and I have seen.  The first time, she was ill and we when saw Les Miz, she was too young.  As beautiful and wonderful the movie is, it is not for a 9 year old.  I also would not take a 9 year to the live stage version either.  Sarah and I will, of course, stop for ice cream after.  It is a tradition you know.  I love these traditions that the girls have created.  Sometimes the girls and I go just for ice cream and talk.  They are such sweet girls.  Patrick is also a very sweet boy.  He had his 1st piano lesson on Monday.  Because the older 3 will not be taking lessons anymore, Patrick and Sarah will be able to have every other week lessons instead of once a month.  I am pleased with this.  A month is a long wait for the little ones.  For the older 3, it was okay because their music is much harder.  Patrick did really well.  I have to pick up his new theory and note speller book before his next lesson.  Sarah and I are reviewing some of the music she has already played.  I do think that the Christmas Music with a new hand position really confused her.  Sarah is doing very well and I think with some review she will feel a bit more confident.

My headache is about a medium today.  I am not sure about trying anymore Alsuma because my stomach was so upset in the middle of the night.  I am not sure if it was the medicine or just my IBS acting up.  It is probably a 50/50 toss to say which one caused it.  My legs are a bit stiffer tonight.  I am not sure really why, they get that way sometimes.  Next week I will be seeing the chiropractor.  I hope to learn a new way to help my headaches and losing weight.  I am working really hard on eating healthy.  I am trying to eat a lot more vegetables and fruits.  I sometimes have trouble with the fruit though.  Vegetables are easier for me.  I like salads so I get lots of vegetables in that.  I need to add the fruits to my meals too.  That is what I am working on these days.

Castle is on TNT tonight.  I have recently discovered this show and I can't believe I never ever watched it.  It is really good.  Bill says he can get the DVDs for me to borrow from his work.  I may have him do this along with the books that are available.  That could be great.  I have so many books on my nooks now that I cannot complain that I don't have enough to read, believe me, I do.  The thing I like about the free books is that it introduces me to so many new authors.  Well, time to spend some time with the nook before bed.  I have to get some music tomorrow for a student.  I will have to get some on Friday too but I need the one set of boxes for tomorrow and I don't have enough money to get them all so I will have to go again on Friday.

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