Monday, January 21, 2013

The Cold Weather Has Arrived. Ugh 1-21

It is supposed to be super cold tomorrow.  It is about 12 degrees out right now.  With the wind chill, ooh, I have no idea.  I am thankful that I have a warm place to sleep.  I hope everyone who lost their power in these last few days have their power back.  It is not a good night to be out in the cold.

Several schools will be closed tomorrow because of the weather.  So far, it is a couple of the private schools.  It is just not a day to be out and about.  I will be home too.  I do have to go out for my blood test, but other than that, I am a home bound girl.  I have a couple of lessons tomorrow.  Bob didn't have his lesson today so he is coming tomorrow.

It is so quiet here now that my wild boys are gone.  Rahul and Samuel are so cute and lovable, but oh so wild!  Rahul can imitate anything I play (one hand at a time, of course) but to get him to read the notes is a challenge.  He is doing well for not practicing.  Neither Rahul or Samuel practice.  They come once a week and we do what we can.  They seem to really like lessons so that is a good thing.  I am hoping that when they are older, they will practice on their own.

I have a new slow cooker.  My old one only worked on low.  This new one is a bit bigger and I like it a lot.  I am planning to make some potato soup tomorrow for dinner.  It is really good soup and I have chicken to put in to the soup as well as some other veggies.  It will last for several days so that is a good thing.  I like their soups.

Today was a slow day.  Time seemed to drag a bit.  I think it was because my only 2 lessons were in the evening and not earlier in the day.  I am reading a new book about hormones and how they interact with the food we eat.  It also talks about eating healthy and losing weight along with staying in a healthy weight.  I am really looking into these holistic type things because I think it should help some of the pain level and other symptoms.  I saw online a list of symptoms for fibro.  Wow, there were about 60 something.  Sometimes I forget how many there are.  It is also a rather long list of the co-existing conditions that go right along to keep fibro company.

Well, I believe it is time to read before heading for bed.  I also need to find the paper with the blood tests Dr. A would like done.  Ooh, I hope I have drank enough water today.  I am a very hard poke.  I am hoping that when I am thinner, it won't be so bad.

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