Saturday, January 26, 2013

at the end of the day! 1-26

I love the song "at the end of the day" from Les Miserables.  I love all the music in Les Miserables.  It is simply a beautiful movie and show.  It has been a good day.  The pain level is the normal pain.  The weather is warmer so I don't ache so much more than usual.  Kirbie had her saxophone lesson.  She has also chosen a solo to work on.  Kirbie picked "Chim Chim Cheree" from Mary Poppins.  I love that movie too and the music also.  Acer had his lesson today instead of yesterday because he was busy last night, he had a fundraiser to attend.  He and I picked Scales and Arpeggios for the group song at the Spring Concert.  Natalie was here and Bill (Acer's Dad) help with the editing of her song that she needs for the Junior Idol.  I am very excited about that.  I know she will work very hard and practice a lot so that she does her best performance.  I can't wait to hear how she does.

So far, 2013 isn't so bad.  I have had some major headaches, but overall, it has just been a normal pain month.  I received a beautiful note from my friend, Andrea wrote me.  She wrote that she prays for the day that I will have no headaches and that it won't be normal to have a headache.  She is such a sweet friend.  I am thankful we have reconnected through face book.  I am thankful that I was encouraged to get on face book because I did reconnect with many school friends and some friends that I didn't know very well in high school are good friends now.  It is also a good way to stay in contact with family too. It is easy to send messages to Andrew.  It is harder to call him because of the cost.  It is very expensive for him to call me because although we are only 2 hours apart, it is across the border to another country so it is best for him to write messages here or email.  I do hope to visit with him soon.  I did enjoy Christmas Day with him.  I like being with him just talking and watching movies.  His girlfriend, Angie, also invited me to come and see her whenever I can.  I am looking at my schedule to see when this would work.  I don't teach a lot but there is a lesson or two everyday or most days of the week.  I like that they are spread out because otherwise it would be too difficult for me to teach.

Outside of lessons, I don't have any solid plans for the week.  It will just be a regular week.  I am hoping to be able to visit with Star.  I also would like to discuss with her about the sewing club we are creating.  I think that would be really fun.  I can do a bit of sewing, I just have to be careful not to do too much at one time, that is when I get into trouble and then the pain really hurts.  As long as I pace myself, I am okay.  That is the key, of course, we all know but there are times when the pacing is off and well, that is not a good thing.  I am getting much better at pacing myself.  I also have very good friends that help me pace.  Several of my good friends don't mind if I have to cut something short, or cancel because of the pain levels.  I am thankful for that!  I think I am one of the luckier ones because most of my family and friends understand the kind of pain that I do have.  They also help remind me that while the pain is awful at times, I don't have a terminal condition.  I do try to keep that in my mind all the time.  I also have learned not to care what people think if they believe me or not.  The people that are important in my life do and that is what counts.  I am also glad that I don't look sick.  I know for so many that live with people or the people around them judge them and don't believe that they are ill that they do wish they looked sick because then, maybe they wouldn't have to defend themselves a lot.  I have always been lucky as far as the fact that my mother never questioned whether I was telling the truth about the pain or not.  She believed me and she really went with me through the journey of getting a diagnose and a doctor to help me.  I am very lucky because so many do not have this.  I had such a good mom.  She was behind me and when I was in too much pain, she did whatever she could to help. I do miss her a lot but I am happy knowing that one day we will be together again and we will never be apart.  I will meet my great grandmother that mom loved so much too.  I think they are waiting for me.  Sometimes it seems like I can feel her with me.  It is strange but true.

Well, I am getting a bit chilled so I am going to make some hot tea and read for a bit.  I hope that this evening was a good one for you too.

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