Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday 1-19

It was a lovely day.  I had a few lessons early in the afternoon followed by a much needed nap.  Sometimes, I think I sleep better during these midday naps.  I am not sure what is up for tomorrow.  I have Rick's lesson in the early afternoon, but other than that, I don't have any solid plans for the rest of the day.  I will need to get stuff together for what I need for the week done and I should possibly vacuum the living room.  I haven't done this yet since the tree came down on Saturday last week.  I also need to get all of the christmas stuffed animals in a box and put in the family room.  I am not sure where all of the Christmas stuff is going to go.  I don't know if it would be best to put it in the crawl space or in the attic.  Acer and Calli both want to go in the attic and in the crawl space.  What sillies.

Natalie, Hannah, and Lydia will be stopping lessons for a while.  They want to work on some stuff on their own.  Patrick, their 7 year old brother, will be beginning lessons.  I am excited for him to be starting.  Sarah will be continuing her lessons.  I have some music for the girls to play.  I have ordered the music to les miz for the girls and for others too.

I would have to say it is a missing mom evening.  Not in the crying and upset kind of night, just a I miss Mom night.  I want to get out some pictures of the little lady and put them in one of the multisize photo frames.  I have some pictures of when mom was about 3 and she was so adorable.  She really was.  Then I do have some other pictures of her as a pre-teen and a young teen.  I love the picture of Mom when she was in the air force at 18 years old.  It is simply very very very very very very beautiful.  I am not sure how many pictures I will need for it as I have not purchased the frame yet.  I am not sure, but I may have one in the spare room.  I will look later.  It is just one of the projects I plan to do this winter.  I am so much like mom it is scary at times.  Now I am the one with projects instead of Mom.  Momma always had a project going on in the house.  I also am planning some new clothing choices for summer and next fall.  I am hoping that I will be well on my way with the weight loss.  I am looking into making sure that I have the vitamins to help control the pain and perhaps work on weight loss.  I am doing pretty well with eating healthy.  I do need to do a bit better, but over all, it isn't bad.  I am very interested in learning all about holistic healing and hope to merge the two.  I don't think I will stop going with the traditional medicine, but combine the two and work in concert.  No, I am not expecting anything like a miracle, just help with some of the headache pains and brain fog.  The exhaustion and headaches are what get me the most.  I do hope for some relief with the exhaustion.

It is time to read for a bit before bed.

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