Monday, January 7, 2013

The Start of the First Full Week of January 1-7

I turned in all the competition stuff on Saturday.  I mailed the checks from the parents on Saturday too.  I have to mail my dues tomorrow.  I sent in the form, I just need to mail the check.

I had new songs for Isaac all copied and put in sheet protectors.  I was looking through the Musical Theatre book for young men and I found a couple of songs that I thought were perfect for Isaac.  I got the music ready and when he arrived, his music was ready for him.  My wild boys, Rahul and Sammy, had their lessons and boy were they both a bit too much on the wild side.  I hope next week will be better for the young men.  Rachel did very well at her lesson today.  She is one of the sweetest girls EVER.  She works very hard and she seems to really like piano.  I am pleased with her progress.

A couple of my students are stopping lessons for now.  I have a few new ones starting this week.  It sure balances out the ones quitting with the new ones so it works out well.

Other than a few lessons, my day was rather quiet.  I have several books on my nook.  I received several Barnes and Noble gift cards.  Of course, at this time, they have all been used.  I love my nook.  I like some of the games that is on there too.  I really like the angry bird ones.  They are crazy but I do like them.

On Sunday I saw Les Miserables again.  I wanted to see it with my lovely girls so I called earlier in the week to see when they were available to see the movie.  I also called Star and asked if she was interested too.  When Natalie had her lesson, I asked if she was interested in going also.  Natalie said yes so we had 2 Natalies on Sunday.  The six of us then went to get ice cream after the movie.  It was a lovely way to spend the day.  When I dropped the Muglia girls off and Star off, I came home and relaxed before heading to bed.  Natalie Z seemed to really get along well with the Muglia girls and with Star.  I hope there is another movie or event that we can do together again.

I am planning to start taking the decorations off the Christmas tree this week.  Acer would like to help.  He said so.  Maybe on Saturday Acer will be able to come over and help me take them down.  I also have to remember to take the decorations off of the top of the other piano too.  Somehow, last year, that didn't happen.  Whoops!  I will take them down this year.  Rahul and Sammy want to use that piano next week.  Acer also likes that piano better than the one we are currently using.  I have to get both pianos tuned sometime this winter.  They are completely out of tune, not at all, it is just it is time to tune them so they won't go out of tune.

I am watching Castle right now.  I haven't seen too many of them yet, but I do like them a lot.  There wasn't anything else on the TV one night so I put TNT on and Castle was on.  I watched a couple of episodes and discovered that I liked it.  So on Monday nights on ABC are the current season episodes and the episodes shown on TNT are re-runs.

I hope tomorrow is a less pain day for everyone!

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