Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday 1-4

It has been a pretty quiet day.  I had 2 lessons, Emily and Natalie.  Emily is in level 3 now and she is doing very well.  She is a very sweet girl.  Natalie is 12 and will be going to competition for the first time.  She is very nervous about competition.  3 of the Muglia girls (Hannah, Lydia, and Natalie), Star, and Natalie will be going with me to see Les Miserables.  Star and I have already seen it but we both loved it so much that we will see it again.  After that we will go and get ice cream for the girls.  I am hoping that Star will be able to calm so of the fears that Natalie has.  She is very nervous.  I think at times that Natalie is so hard on herself that she sets herself up for failure.  I am hoping that after she speaks with Star that she will be okay and not so nervous.

Calli and Acer will most likely have their lessons tomorrow.  Acer is working on the Minuet in G by Bach for piano and Be Kind to Your Parents for singing.  He is a cutie.  I had hoped that Calli would have been able to join us, but there is a family event so no Calli for the afternoon.  I hope to have her come with me and keep me company while I pick up a few things at the store.  I don't have too much, just a few things, but we have a good time when we shop together.  It will also be the first time Q would be coming with us.  It should be a good time.  I am looking forward to it.

I am getting pretty tired so I am going to read for a bit before heading to bed.  I have 3 new students tomorrow!

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