Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Strangest Weather Ever for MI 1-29

Sunday night we had a snow storm.  By the time I got up (yes at noon), it was raining and slushy.  All the schools in the area were closed.  4 of my students wanted to have earlier lessons since they were out of school, so naturally, I said of course, come earlier.  I don't have a problem with that.  The temperatures were in the mid 40s.  Today also the weather was in the mid 40s.  Most of the snow has turned into slush.  I just hope that it doesn't turn icy.  That will be dangerous if it does get icy.  I have to put more de-icer if necessary.  I have a huge bag of it so it won't be a problem.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with physical therapy.  It is just the consultation so I will find out what my part of the payment will be.  I am actually thinking that I probably will not be able to afford it. I did have occupational therapy this summer and that helped so I don't really think I need the physical therapy for carpal tunnel.  I do keep my hands straight as possible when I sleep and when I am doing stuff.  I still haven't found exactly a good position for when I am reading my nook, but overall, I am doing alright.  Things are shaping up around here.  Sammy is going to come over and help put the music away.  It really needs to be done at this point.  I will keep a small pile out for things I use all the time, but the Christmas music and other music needs to be put away.  I also need to start going through a file cabinet upstairs.  I really don't know what all is in it, but I have to go through it anyway.  Going through these boxes and cabinets are so hard because it feels like I am invading Mom's privacy.  I know she doesn't need the stuff up in Heaven, but it is still her stuff.  It isn't mine, it is hers.  I can't do this at all when I am alone, all I do is cry.  I just miss her so much all the time.  I have to take the sign off her door.  It still says "Mom's Room".  I remember making them for her.  She was having trouble remembering what room she is in so I made us signs.  I wish I could have done something and had her be here now.  It is so hard sometimes to see people my age with their mothers.  I want mine back.  She was a good mom.  I don't want her stuff, I want her with me.  I am glad that I know some day we will be together again and never separate again.  I just wish it was now.  I wasn't ready for her to go.  I don't think I would have ever been ready for that.  

I have a new student on Thursday for piano.  Antoinette will have her last lesson until May on Friday.  Antoinette is doing very well, it is just that she will be teaching dance for a few months so she will not be able to practice as much and she works a lot at her new job.  I look forward to her coming back for lessons.  Lessons are going well.  There is a new pay structure now.  It is in steps now.  It depends on how many lessons each student has.  I am fine with it.

Competition is coming up fast it seems.  Sarah is doing very well with her songs.  Rebecca will have her lesson on Sunday evening.  Sunday will be Lydia's sweet 16 birthday Luncheon.  I am so excited about this.  She is such a sweet girl.  I am not exactly sure what to get her for her birthday.  I know it will be something for sewing.  Lydia loves sewing a lot.  I have given the three girls the 2 portable sewing machines and their mom has a sewing machine so she doesn't need a new one.  Okay - I would not have bought her a new sewing machine all by myself, I would have given her a gift certificate towards one but since they have plenty it is a moot point.  I am going to the store on Saturday afternoon to pick something.  I love that Joann Fabrics now has a scooter.  That of course means that I can spend lots of time in there and lots of money.  Although right now, I am being very careful with my money.

Well, NCIS Los Angeles is on.  I am going to make some tea and relax before I head for bed.

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