Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday 1-23

Today was not a good health day as far as headaches go.  I am thankful that I have a good friend, Heather B-T to come and give me the Alsuma shot.  Looking back on the day, I should have had her come earlier before I taught, but no, not me, I have to wait until it is almost unbearable.  I called her after Allison's lesson.  She was able to come over right after she dropped off Calli for an activity.  I am so thankful.  The headache is back to the normal one so that is good.  I now do not have anymore but I will ask the doctor for another sample since they are way too expensive for me to buy.  I am going to see if maybe I can get one at a time at the pharmacy this week when the weather gets a bit warmer.  It is just really cold out right now so if I don't have to, I do not want to go out.  Next week is supposed to be  warmer.  I sure hope so.  This Arctic type weather is not good.  It is normal for this time of year, true.  It doesn't mean I have to like it.

I did have a few lessons this afternoon/evening.  Antoinette will be stopping lessons for a few months.  I really like Antoinette and she is doing very well.  She says she will be come back and I hope she does.  I do also see her on face book from time to time.  Aubrey had her lesson tonight.  She is an amazing pianist.  She has played for just over a year at this point.  She started between Christmas and New Year's Day in 2011.  Aubrey has finished the 1A, 1B, 2, and almost 3 levels in that time.  It is very unusual as most children her age are generally in their 2nd book and since she was 6 when she started, I usually use the prep series.  I did not with Aubrey so that is even more spectacular.  Aubrey has 2 songs left in her lesson book and is working on the last song in her repertoire book.  I am so pleased with her progress.  I am planning to have her play a duet with one of the older students because the students her age are not in her level.  The only way to have her play a duet with someone in her level means I have to have the teenagers play with her.  She is very excited about this too.

Well, I think I will finish watching Castle and then read for a bit before I crawl into bed tonight.

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