Sunday, November 25, 2012

Last Sunday in November 11-25

It has been a rather quiet day.  I originally planned to have the girls along with Acer and Calli to come and decorate the living room for Christmas.  I have a new to me tree from Acer and Calli's mom that I am going to use.  It is a four foot tree while mine is just about 2 ft tall.  I am excited to use many more decorations than I have used for the last few years.  We will reschedule and plan this another day.  In a way, it actually worked out better that we rescheduled as my head ended up hurting even more.  Right now, the bad headaches are in the morning or at night.  During the day, they don't seem as bad.

There is a NCIS marathon on right now.  I have seen most of these, but since I love the show, I don't mind the re-runs of them at all.

I spoke to my friend, Robin on the phone this evening.  She is home sick.  She is very dizzy and her tummy is not good either.  I do hope she gets better.  It was nice to have a nice long conversation and we caught up on what each of us are doing.  Zachary, her youngest son, is coming home for the holidays in a couple weeks.  I hope to see him while he is in town.  Zachary was my student when he was in high school.  Now he is in his 2nd year of university.  Robin's oldest son will be moving out of state after Christmas.

We have a definite date for the Christmas Recital.  Everyone but Sarah have their songs.  Sarah will get hers tomorrow when I see her for her lesson.  I do hope that Hannah and Natalie are feeling better too.  They are still getting over their colds.  I do hope they are much better.  I miss them when I don't see them.  I actually miss all my students when they are absent.  Antoinette had her lesson today instead of last Wednesday.  I like that she always wants to make up her lessons instead of missing them.  She is a nice young woman and is doing very well with her music.

It snowed over night last night.  My little car is not inside the garage right now so she got snowed on.  The Christmas boxes are in the middle of where my little car should go.  I will move the boxes tomorrow so my little car will go in the garage and be safe from being snowed upon.  There are more boxes in the attic but I don't need to get them down right now.  I will look at the rest of the stuff in the spring.  I am not in a major hurry to empty out the garage attic.  I know there are more toys and games up there too.

The snow has made me ache a bit more than usual.  My back is a bit sorer than usual from being cold today.  My knees have also been a bit more bothersome these past few days.  Nothing super serious, just enough to irritate me at times.  I am cold but my heat is on and it is set at 73 degrees so you would think I would be warm enough but for some reason, I am not.  I am going to make myself some tea and warm up.

I will also read for a bit after I have some tea.

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