Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday 11-18

I am trying to post everyday something that I am thankful for.  Some days it is easy, others not so much.    Today I have another bad headache, although that is not unusual for me.  They are slowly getting better.  Most days, during the day, I only have the normal headache so that is some improvement.  The bad ones are in the morning and at night instead of all day long.

I wanted to start the students' ornaments this afternoon but I need to do Acer's song first.  I need to put it in Finale so he will have the piano part to sing to.  Fortunately, his is the only one I need to do this as Isaac has changed his Christmas Songs.  He originally picked out Rudolph but we switched last week.

There is a SVU marathon on right now.  It is season 13, which is a season I haven't seen too much of so I am glad that they are running this today.  Since it is a quiet type day, no lessons, I am thankful for something interesting on TV.  Sometimes, even with cable, there is nothing good on.

The movie, Brave is out on DVD now.  I can't wait to get it.  It was such a great movie.  I went with the girls to see it.  Oh, that reminds me, I wonder how everyone is doing in the house since last week some were sick.  They are still sick.  I will see them next week.  I do hope my girls are better by next week.  I miss them when I don't see them.  All but Sarah have their Christmas music.  I have Sarah's ready for her.  She is the last one to get her Christmas music.  Everyone else already has theirs.

I am looking forward to the holiday weekend.  I will be spending Thanksgiving with my neighbors down the street.  I am bringing pies.  That should be fun.  Then on Friday (or Saturday) I will be with Kathy and her family at her parents' house.  We are going to see a movie that day too.  That will be fun, I think.  We usually have a good time that is for sure.

Well, I must go and work on the Jingle Bell Rock for Acer now.

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  1. Holidays are stressful for me, I get tired as it is so during holidays it's worse. Not only do I have a lot of pain, but the fatigue is really bad. I get tired from nothing, and I cannot do anything. Shopping is a big burden, I cannot walk much and I certainly cannot carry anything. Here in Sicily not much is known about fibromyalgia so when I tell people that I have it, they think it's just a simple muscle problem. Happy Thanksgiving!