Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday 11-17

It is the week before Thanksgiving.  Wow, I am so not really ready for Thanksgiving yet.  Give me a few days and then I will be ready.  It should be a fun weekend, I think.  I get to see Kathy and spend some time with her and her family.  Kathy and I are planning to go see a movie together, so yes, lots of plans.  I also have marked some time in for resting as well, I will need to rest or I will not be in good shape to visit.  It is kind of annoying to always have to count in time for resting or downtime with anything I do, but it is better than crashing and burning after a visit or event.  It really is the only way I can do things.  Even with the planned rest, I sometimes over do things.  I am hoping not to have that happen this time.

I have a bit of shopping to do for Christmas.  I am finished with a couple of the kids, but I have a little bit left for the rest.  I also will be starting the sewing project tomorrow for the students.  It shouldn't be too difficult since I have done this ornament before, it has just been about 15 years since I made them.  I have the material ready and the sewing machine is downstairs along with everything else I need.  I have ideas of what I want to get the little ones in the family, I just have to go and get them.  Andrew (the younger bro) is a bit harder because I am not sure exactly what he likes these days.  I have sent an email asking him what he would like.  I got a really neat picture frame from him last year.  I know what I am going to get my aunt and uncle for Christmas.  We have 2 family parties this year.  One is Dec 1 and the other is Dec 2.  Yeah, 2 days in a row.  The 2nd party is also for my little cousin's first birthday.  It doesn't seem like a year since he was born, but it has been.  Myles is a cute little guy who doesn't cry when I hold him.  I am rather glad about that.  Phoenix, on the other hand, cries when I hold her.  She is just over 15 months old now.  Elizabeth is 4, Jayson is 5, Warren is 5, and Esther is 2.  I know what I am getting Esther.  She is such a little character, actually all of them are.  I have ideas for all of them, I just haven't gone and got the gifts yet.  I will do it within a week since the parties are in 2 weeks.

National Treasure (the first one) is on right now on Cartoon Network.  I love this movie.  It also makes me think of one of my friends, Melissa.  She is a film major.  Melissa would like to be a film director.  I think she will be a good one.  I can't wait to see what she does when she graduates.  Back to the movie, I love this movie.  I do have it on DVD (and the 2nd one too) but there is something about watching it on TV.  Sometimes, they add scenes that are not on the DVD.  It is that way with the Harry Potter movies too.  ABC Family channel has been playing all the Harry Potter Movies this past week.

I have a bit of a bad headache tonight.  It was alright during the day, but now it is a bit bad.  I hope it doesn't keep me up or be here when I get up in the morning.  I would really like to FINALLY be able to go to church as I have not been there since, oh, the first Sunday in August.  It seems like ages ago.  I like the church I go to and I love singing in the choir.  I would really like to participate tomorrow morning.  The headaches are getting better.  Instead of having a bad headache 5 to 6 days a week, they are down to 3 to 4 days a week and sometimes during the day, they are okay, not bad, just the regular everyday headache so there is some improvement.  I just wish I had more of an improvement.  Perhaps after I see the neurologist this month.  I have 3 doctor appointments in the next 3 weeks, one each week.  Wow, it just seems to never end.  I wonder if I have lost any weight or again.  I have been eating pretty well.  I have been working on drinking a lot more water.

Tomorrow I don't have any lessons.  I will be working on Acer's Jingle Bell Rock.  I need to make a CD for him to sing to.  I use Finale for it and make a sound file to burn on a CD.  Then everyone will have their music to practice.  Sarah will have her piano music on Monday.  She wasn't feeling to well this past week.  Some of the family got the flu.  I sure hope everyone is okay in her house now.  I know her mother had it too and 2 of her brothers.  With 9 children in the family, things get past around pretty fast.  I do hope they are healthy enough to have their lessons.  I miss my girls!  I did see the 3 older ones last Sunday, but it had been over a month since I last saw them before that.  We went to a movie and then we got ice cream afterwards because it is tradition.  Apparently, whenever the girls and I get together for a movie, we need to go to ice cream after.  Hey, works for me.  If they want it and I have the money for it, we will go.  Lydia has my movie of the Hunger Games.  I haven't seen it yet, but I know I will.

Well, the lovely movie has ended.  There is now nothing decent to watch on TV or at least I didn't see anything interesting when I channel surfed.  I think I will read and then head for bed as I need to get up early for church or at least I hope to get up early and be able to attend church without a bad headache.  they are really interrupting my life at this point.  Well, fortunately I have a wonderful Neurologist.  Time to relax and read a bit before hitting the sack!

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