Wednesday, November 21, 2012

the day before Thanksgiving! 11-21

Thanksgiving in my house was always a big to-do.  Mom would get up early to start cooking the turkey.  When I was very small, we actually had 2 Thanksgiving.  One would be the 2nd Monday with my Grandparents in Windsor and then the American Thanksgiving in November would usually just be my immediate family without cousins, or other relatives.  As I grew, I helped Mom cook the food and get everything ready.  I was always excited because we used the good china, which meant I did not have to do the dishes.  Mom hand washed and dried them herself.  I was always happy about that.  When I was a teenager, the stress of the family issues really showed up on Holidays.  It was a difficult time for me and for mom.  I am glad that eventually the issues were resolved enough that the stress level went down.  I started taking over cooking the turkey in my middle 20s.  Then I got this brilliant idea to have Andrew cook the turkey and stuff.  Now, both my brothers are excellent cooks.  I am not bad, but they are just so much better and more creative then me.  This is what I would do.  First I would thawed the turkey and cleaned out the insides.  Then I would run up to Andrew's room or call him on his phone to ask what I should do first.  Keep in mind, I do know what to do.  He would tell me and then I would do it.  After the first step was done, I would go back to his room or call and ask what to do next.  I would repeat this for a few more times until he would say he was either on his way or coming down and I was not supposed to touch anything.  I did this for about 15 years both at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I always asked Andrew a few days before to help me and he always said no so this way, he ended cooking it anyway.  I finally told Andrew last Christmas at my Uncle's that I did that on purpose so that he would end up cooking the turkey.  He couldn't believe that he fell for it every time.  I just smiled.  He did have a good laugh and finally admitted that he suspected I was doing this on purpose, but he wasn't always sure because I don't really cook as well the boys do.  Well, now I go to other people's houses for the holidays so I don't have to cook the whole thing.  I could but with my family not having the same day off, it is a bit hard to have them over.  I really do like going to Kathy's parents' house with her and her family.  Basically, anytime I get to spend with Kathy, I am thrilled.  I also really like her parents and family.  I have known her parents for probably as long I have known Kathy.  I believe that after lunch on Friday, Kathy and I are going to go to a movie.  We have very similar tastes in so many things, it is amazing.  From music to books to movies to activities, we have a lot in common.  On Thanksgiving Day, I will be going to my neighbor's house to spend the holiday with them.  I really like this family.  The kids are awesome and very nice.  The parents are really nice too.  Overall, I think my weekend is going to be a good one.

I am hoping that on Saturday I will decorate for Christmas.  I have a few things out of the attic but there is a bit more however, if we don't get it out, who cares.  I do want the boxes that are under the house out because those are my ornaments.  I also need to cut out the ornaments for the students so I have a busy weekend ahead of me.  I will also schedule plenty of rest time.

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  1. no Christmas talk until after tomorrow!!! Have a great Thanksgiving Heather.