Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday 11-13

It is a bad headache evening today.  I woke up with a medium bad headache, then it went to the normal dull roar, which then went to bad.  Fortunately, I was able to teach despite the bad headache.  I only had a few so that was good.  I hope it gets better by bedtime.  I finally have all the information I need to turn in to my student loans person.  There was some paperwork that I have needed to get done and now it is and will be ready to be mailed tomorrow.

Tonight is NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles night so is the dance competition.  I am not really able to follow anything major tonight because of the head.  I haven't been really following the competition.  I am really not that interested in it.  It is just on pretty much for noise.  I do enjoy watching the dancing though, which is why I also watch Dance Moms even though I think the Moms are sooo out of this world.

Extreme Couponing is on right now.  I just don't understand all the stockpiling of food or items they don't use.  I think about using coupons but I don't get the newspaper to get the coupons and really, I have not really seen a whole bunch that I could use.  This woman is crazy.  She buys things to look good in her stockpile, not because she uses them.

I am not doing super well with the healthy eating today.  I made the mistake of buying cookies with M & Ms in them.  I should not have done that but I thought I could handle just eating 2 a day.  Well, needless to say, I was wrong.  Thankfully, the are gone now.  I tossed the rest of them.  I am not using the food mover this week and I think it is showing in my stress level about food.  I am so weird about food anyways.  I am afraid of weighing myself every week because when I was young, I was a dancer.  I also had bulimia.  I am not interested in starting to play head games with weight and food again.  I know how easy it is to get that way.  So far, I have been okay although these last few weeks have not been too good.  I will do better tomorrow.  It is just going much slower than I expected it too.  I think that the headache is making me a little disappointed in myself for not losing much weight at this point.

I am getting a bit tired now.  It is usually a bit later for going to bed but with the head, I need to lay down soon.

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