Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday 11-24

It has been a good weekend so far.  Thursday was such fun at the Hubel's house.  It was a good dinner too.  I brought 2 different pies for dessert.  We ate the dessert upstairs in a sitting room.  2 of Barbara Jean's friends came too and brought a guitar and a Ukulele.  They sang some songs and it was nice.  I left a little after midnight.  My headache was just the normal headache until about 2 or 3 hours after I went to sleep.  I woke up with a bad headache so I went downstairs and got something for it.  When I woke up again in the morning, it was only medium bad, not super bad like it was in the middle of the night.  It stayed medium bad until I got home, then it got a bit worse.  Right now, it is between medium and bad so it is sort of manageable.  Yesterday was a good day too.  I had to be at Kathy's parents' house by noon so I got up a bit earlier than usual to head across town.  They live in a nice condo about 45 minutes away from me.  The lunch was really good.  Kathy's mom is such a good cook.  The turkey was really good and everything else with it.  After that, Kathy helped her mom clean the kitchen up before we went out.  We were planning to go and see the new Twilight movie, but we ended up not going because it was just so busy.  We just decided to go to the bookstore and then back to her parents' house.  Once we got back to the condo, we played games with the girls and her mother.  The boys, Tony (Kathy's husband), and Dad were playing one of Jacob's games that he had brought with them.  The kids are all growing up so fast.  Matthew is now actually taller than his dad.  He seems to like that.

Today was a quiet day.  Acer and Calli had their lessons.  Acer and I came to a compromise with what key he should sing his Christmas Song, Jingle Bell Rock.  We then made a CD for him to sing to.  Calli sang her songs really well as usual.  She didn't realize that I wanted her to translate the words to braille for the group song.  Calli knows that know so she said she would do it this week.  Acer was a bit more wigglier than usual.  It took a few times to remind him to calm down because he was totally out of control some of the time.  We had a chat about good choices and bad choices with consequences.  Fortunately, he calmed down and did his lesson.

Tomorrow, the Muglia girls and the Bowman-Thomlinson children will be here to help decorate the living room.  I am excited about this.  I invited the Hubel children, but they are busy.  Hey, it isn't a problem that is for sure.  Maybe next year!

I must confess.  I have started playing the angry birds games.  I really like the Star Wars version.   Oh my, I didn't think that this would happen but it did.

I am going to read for a while before heading to bed.

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