Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thursday 11-8

I turned in the paperwork for Dr. G and mailed the hospital info.  I have the bills ready to mail.  I had to get stamps today.  I am excited that most of the month's bills are ready to be mailed and will be all in the mailed by Wednesday.  It is a wonderful feeling, let me say.

I am so excited about tomorrow.  I am meeting a new friend that I have met through one of my fibro support groups.  It should be super fun.  I told her what I would be wearing so I hope at 11:30 it won't be super busy so we can find each other.  We are meeting at Panera right up the street.  I am a bit nervous too since it is the first time I have ever met one of my online friends.  I have another fibro online friend who lives about 2 or so hours north of me.  Perhaps one day we will meet to.

I am seriously working on eating healthy, but I feel like the weight is really not going anywhere.  It isn't going up, which is good, but it isn't going down either.  I have a new type program that I am going to use and Kathy is friends with me on it.  I also like using my food mover.  That helps me a lot.  I am pretty good at choosing to eat healthy as opposed to the junk I used to.  I am pleased about that.  Even in the choices of restaurants have changed.  I would prefer to go where there is salads available as opposed to french fries.  I haven't had an order of fries since Memorial Weekend.  I am glad about that.

My knees aren't as sore as they were yesterday.  It is also a bit warmer so I am not sure if that is helping it or not.  I do have a headache that is a bit more than the regular everyday headache.  I didn't go to choir practice tonight.  I hope to be there on Sunday.  I screwed up my clock with the am and pm last week.

I am getting rather tired now.  Project Runway All Stars is on TV right now.  I do like the show and some of their challenges are fun.


  1. I'm sure you will have a fantastic time tomorrow...I am anxiously awaiting the day that I can meet some of my bloggy friends! I love Panera...we just got one here.

  2. Oh Heather, it is so fun to meet our online friends. I have met a few and it's like we have known each other all our lives..One day I would love to meet you..I think we would have a fab time..

    Glad things are going well bill-wise, I think you are doing so well..

    Have you thought about weight watchers? Sounds like you and I both need a kick start..they have online WW now too, which is a little less expensive..I have done WW before and it does work..just a thought.

    Have a great weekend,