Monday, November 26, 2012

The beginning of the week 11-26

Christmas is in 29 days!  Oh my!  I have a couple of gifts ready to go and a few more to get before Christmas.  I pretty much know what I am getting people.  I am making ornaments for the students and then I just have to get a few family gifts for the smallest members of the family.  I do need to get my brother a gift card as well as my aunt and uncle.

I was planning to make cookies this evening, but I am not feeling so good so I will do this tomorrow.  I have a few lessons tomorrow.  I will have time either before or after lessons for making the cookies.  I also have a doctor appointment in the morning.  I should be exhausted since I got up earlier than usual.  For some reason I am not.

I am now addicted to the angry birds game, star wars edition.  Oh my, I started playing it last weekend. It is fun and I do like it.  I have the regular angry birds game on my nook too, but so far the star wars one is super cool and fun.  I think I am on level 22 now out of over 100 levels.  Some of them need lots of creativity in figuring out how to pass the level.

I am not feeling super well tonight.  I am hoping that it is just a case of the IBS stuff and nothing else, but ugh, when my IBS starts acting up, I could just scream!  I do hope it ends soon.  Silly old IBS.  Sometimes it is the co-conditions that are worse than the pain from fibro.  Tonight would be one of those nights.  My head isn't so good tonight either.  I do hope tomorrow is better.

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