Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday 11-4

I got an extra hour of sleep last night since we had to change our clocks back an hour.  I just realized that I forgot to change the little clock in the kitchen.  The stove clock is changed as my clock upstairs although I had to fix it since I didn't make sure the am and pm were correct.  Now they are.

I don't have any lessons today.  It is nice to have the day off.  I am not bored like I thought I would be.  I went and got some Chipotle for lunch and I have salad fixings to make my dinner with.  i am so not hungry right now though.  I am very full.  I have to pull the Christmas music and copy some tonight for tomorrow.  I finally have the ink I needed.  I also can mail the hospital papers on Tuesday too.  I also must drop off other paperwork for Doctor G.  I have papers for my student loan that he needs to sign.

My head is the normal, everyday headache not too bad of one today.  I am pretty tired tonight though.  I had to take a small nap this afternoon.  I think I slept for about 1 1/2 hours.  I just couldn't keep my eyes open at that point.  Fatigue is the hardest thing for me besides my headaches.  Headaches are the worst and the fatigue is second.  Yes, I have pain all over, but most of the time I can ignore it or at least I can function somewhat with it but the bad headaches, those are just the worst and I cannot function with them.  Right now, I am getting them most of the days of the week.  With the medicine, they aren't as bad all the time, but I think we need to either change the dosage or the medicine because they still happen too much.  I think I have an appointment with Dr. R at the end of this month.

I think I will read a bit and then go to bed.

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  1. Hi Heather, thank you for always stopping by my blog and FB page, I really love hearing from hope is one day we can meet in person!

    glad the headaches are a bit better..I agree, when I have a headache nothing else matters, and fatigue is fatigue..bone aching tired I am hoping maybe the medication can be adjusted so you are having less and less headaches, sweets..

    Thank you for stopping by, I love sharing the times spent with Grace Lily and Jackson Scott..they are growing like weeds..I have a feeling they will be best friends growing up, of course GL will be the BOSS.. Have a good week, Heather!