Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday 3-8

I had Physical Therapy this morning, and yes, I mean this morning.  Yes, it is rare that I am up in the morning but my appointment was for 10 am.  The tech wasn't there today so I had the heat but not the ultra sound, which was fine.  I did all my exercises and I do think they are helping.  My hands do not seem to go numb as much as they used to.  I am happy about that.  It is an improvement.

Calli and I had a bit of a good giggle the other night.  We were drinking tea (out of mugs) and she had a spoon in her mug.  She was drinking her tea with her spoon.  I was telling her how my mom totally freaked out at me when I drank my tea with my spoon.  Not less than 2 minutes later, Heather comes down and sees Calli drinking her tea with her spoon.  Heather told her not to do that.  Calli and I looked at each other and started laughing.  We told Heather why and she giggled too.  Since we were not drinking tea from some fancy tea cup, spoons in the cups are not acceptable.  It still makes me smile when I think about that moment with them.  There are some funny moments in a house when you have children around.  I am learning a lot by living with two children.  It is very interesting.

The headache pain level is pretty high tonight.  It has been all day.  Heather had a really bad one yesterday.  I think she is finally feeling better tonight although she is resting in her room.  Acer is asleep like the Little Man should be.  Calli is out with friends to an orchestra concert at her friend's high school.  Josh is a very nice young man.  I hope that I sleep okay tonight.  I did have to take a nap this afternoon because I got up early and I was so tired.  I am getting tired just not tired enough to go to bed.  I seem to wake up every 2 or so hours at night.  I have a couple of lessons tomorrow and then I will finish the errands I didn't finish today.  I need to get some music for the students this week.  4 of the piano students need new books as they have finished the levels that they are at.  Aubrey is moving to a new series.  She is an amazing pianist.  She really is.  I have never had a piano student go through the first 4 books in just over a year before.  The only other one who would be close to that would be Acer. Rachel and Faith need level 2 books and Brooklynn needs level 1B.  I have ordered CDs that I need for Allison and a book for Isaac and Nick.  Nick will be starting voice lesson on Tuesday.  I am excited about that.  Nick is doing well with piano.  He will have piano first and then his voice lesson right after.

I have the card reader I need to download the pictures off of my phone now.  I am going to download them in a few minutes.  I have some awesome pictures of Mom on my phone that I want to post on face book.  I think Andrew will like them too.  I haven't heard from him in a while but that is nothing unusual for my younger brother.  He is very busy and it just doesn't occur to him to contact me.

Time to download the pictures.

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