Monday, March 25, 2013

The 2nd Day in Holy Week 3-25

Yesterday was Palm Sunday, the start of Holy week.  I just put out our Easter decorations on the piano.    They look so pretty.  It has been a rather productive day around here.  We put some things in for donation, some things for recycle, and some things for the garbage.  3 filing cabinets full of music came up.  I now can have the girls come and put the music that is all over the house away.  I have about 38 or so books that I need to catalogue the songs into the catalogue.  I also need to check the piano catalogue too.  I am sure there are many books that are not completely catalogued either.  I was not taking good care of it when Mom became sicker with the Alzheimer's and could not keep up with it herself.  Now I am back on track with being able to get to the filing cabinets so I can be caught up soon.  I no longer have an excuse.  I can get the job done.  I see Sammy tomorrow so I can plan a day for her next week.

I saw Jewel in concert last night.  It was really good.  I really enjoyed it.  My Aunt Michelle won the tickets so I went with her.  I had help with getting the scooter out of the car but I had to do most of it when I was putting it back into the car.  The security guard was not a happy camper when I asked him to help.  After the concert, Michelle came back and picked up the things she ordered.

I have had a medium bad headache all day today.  I did receive a message from the Doctor in charge of the study.  I will call tomorrow and see what she has to say.  It was something about medicine.  There are a few medicines that I actually cannot live without, the blood thinner for one and the reglan, which digests my food, is the other.  I don't think the synthroid for my thyroid would be an issue, but one never knows.  I will find out tomorrow.

Well, I am falling asleep here so it is time for me to head to bed.  I am very tired.  It has been a rather long day and I have a blood test at 11:20 tomorrow morning.

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