Thursday, March 14, 2013

thoughts 3-14

It has been a bad headache day, not bad enough for the alsuma, but bad enough to miss choir.  I have been thinking about the study that is coming up all day long.  I am almost afraid to try this.  I do hope I am a part of the study, but on the other hand, I have been disappointed so often that to try something new again, is frightening.  I am hoping that I am not in the placebo group.  It is a 12 week study.  Robin is also being interviewed on Tuesday for this.  Mine is Wednesday before Physical Therapy.  I will go from the interview straight to Physical Therapy.  It is exciting and frightening all at the same time.  I cannot remember a time where I didn't have a headache or body aches or extreme fatigue and everything else that comes with fibro.  It is almost unreal to think that maybe I won't be in so much pain someday.  I dream about that day.  What will I do?  What will I be able to do?  How long will the effect of the treatment last?  Would I be able to teach full time again?  Or maybe, get a different job and keep the amount of students that I have now?  I don't know.  I have only thought about trying different medications to see if it works.  Now this is non-invasive and non-medication so how cool is that?  Could this be a cure?  Is there a cure?  Does this just lessen the symptoms or can it totally erase all of the symptoms?  Fibro is so much more than just the pain.  I have more trouble with headaches and fatigue than I do with the body aches, although I do have them, they are just not as strong as my headaches and the fatigue.  I know that pain is the biggest symptom that we all share and the others are different because each of us are different.  I can't even imagine a life without pain anymore and I have a good imagination.  After my interview I will be speaking with Robin to see what she thinks too.  We both are very hopeful.  I think many of us at the conference are hopeful with the results of the preliminary studies.

My 2 little boys didn't come for lessons today.  As I suspected, their mom forgot about the changing of the days.  She graciously switched days so I could attend the conference Monday night.  Their mom will call if they can attend lessons tomorrow.  It all depends on what time their dad will be done with work.  If they can't, I will see them on Monday.  They are very cute, super cute.  Tomorrow is a light day for lessons as usual.  That is how Fridays are.  Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the busiest days right now, but that can change in a second.  I have to be careful of how many lessons I have a day because if I have too many in a row, I can get so exhausted so fast that I need to go and lie down right then and there.  Generally, I pace myself pretty well.  Just think, if this treatment actually works, I may not have to worry about the strict pacing that I do now.  Hmm, that is a good thought.  Acer has his lesson tomorrow after school.  Natalie will have her lesson tomorrow too.  I have ordered the CDs to the Broadway Book that both Natalie and Allison are singing from.  I know I have the song that in another book so I should have it on another CD while I am waiting for the other CDs to be coming in.  Saturday will be a light day too.  I have a wrap up meeting for the competition on Sunday.  I hope it is a good one.  I am planning to be there.  It will be at Diane's this time.

Maisy is too cute!  She couldn't decide on whether or not she was going to eat or go outside.  She is such a beautiful little dog.  Maisy chose to eat.

Isaac has misplaced his CDs for his voice lessons so I need to make some copies for the young man.  He had a sore side today.  He and another student ran into each other hard when they were at school.  He couldn't lift his arm up very well so we ended up singing the entire lesson, which was not a bad thing.  Isaac sings really well.  I am not sure what he will sing for the spring concert.  I do know he will be playing "Who Am I" from Les Miserables.  I think there will much representation of Les Miz at the concert since the movie came out at Christmas and the DVD will be coming out on March 22.  I, of course, plan to get it.  In just one week it will be out!!!!  I can't wait to see it again!  I will definitely have to see this with the girls and Star again!  I also have to see the "How to Train Your Dragon" movie that Natalie has wanted me to see forever.  I want to see it too.  We are planning to have another movie day soon.  I will check the girls schedule for the next few weeks to see when they are available.

I am watching Project Runway.  For some reason, I just love this show.  Right now, the designers are ripping on each other.  They were to make 3 outfits each for the Thunder Down Under strip team.  Both teams were so bad.  Clothes didn't fit or didn't come off easy.  Basically, they were not as good as they usually are.  None of one of the teams knew how to make tailored clothes.  I do not either.  Mom was the one who could tailor clothes.  Her suits were amazing.  The fits were just perfect, always.  Mom did teach me how to sew.  I am much better at dresses and skirts.  Most of the stuff I have made is not super fancy with lots of details.  I tend to like the more classical, elegant, simple styles best.  That is me.  I am hoping that when I lose some weight, I will make myself some nice skirts and dresses again.  I also love wearing leggings.  I am so glad they are back into style since I do love them so much.  I am also planning to teach Calli a bit of sewing too.  I have some ideas of how to adapt things for her.  I also like the idea of Star's where we make a sewing group.  I think when she is finished with a few of these plays we will be able to do that.  I would love to take a sewing class at one of the local stores.  The one I would like is the fashion design class.  There are a few things I don't know how to make.  Wow, a Project Runway first, there is no winner.  That has never happened before.  Amanda is out.  Last week was a surprise because it was double out.  Some of the clothing they make on the show does make to the pattern catalogues at the fabric stores.  I have seen some of them.  This particular challenge was not good for any of them.  Next week should be rather interesting too.

Well, it is time to read for now before bed.  I wish my head wouldn't hurt so much.  I have Physical Therapy tomorrow morning at 10:30.  I am going to put my bagels in a bag so I remember to grab them and eat them on the way.  Otherwise, I won't be eating breakfast at all.  i can nap in the afternoon if I need to.

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