Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday 3-3

the last of the furniture that needed to move is officially gone.  Karlyn now has a formal living room set, a bed frame and headboard for a twin bed, and a stair climber.  She seemed very happy about that.  Her younger brother and his friend, Hans came to take care of it.  Bill helped too.  The kids are downstairs playing and Heather is upstairs, possibly sleeping.  She hasn't been feeling these past few weeks.  I do hope she feels better soon.  She is also super tired, something which I totally understand.

Now that the other furniture is gone, we can have the rest of the stuff from the "old house" as Acer calls it come here to the "new house".  Then we can start organizing stuff.

I bought 3 boxes of CD sleeves so I can change out all the CD cases to sleeves.  There is just no room in the drawer anymore for the CDs with cases.  I am going to be changing the cases tonight.  This will help the issue of the CDs not fitting in the drawer.  I am looking for a certain CD but I can't find it anywhere and I am totally upset over this because I don't to have to buy a new one again but I need it so I will have to do this.

Acer is showing me his trumpet/saxophone toy.  He gets so excited when showing me his toys.  Anything musical and that young man is there in a minute.  He loves music so much.  I completely understand this because I love music so much too.  He does think it is cool that for his lesson he just has to go to the living room.  Now he has a saxophone toy.  I think the majority of his toys are musical.  Acer also has perfect pitch which comes in handy at times.

I am watching this crazy show called Amish Mafia.  It is really weird, interesting, but weird.  Definitely not the usual show about the Amish.

I had lunch with Robin today.  It was so nice to see her.  She brought me the case for my nook that I wanted.  The sleeve is good, but this case is better.  I can set it up to read or play games.  I now have 5 types of Angry Birds games.  I love that game for some reason.  (Acer is playing a game of you order something and then he builds it - it is so cute.  Acer is making me a bob-it-loop.  Both kids are so creative!)  I also have a new magazine that Robin suggested.  It is called what the doctor knows.  I will check and see if it is interesting enough to subscribe to it.

I have to contact the hospital on Monday.  I need to find out if I had received the financial assistance.  I hope I did for at least the ER visits that I have had.  I hope to not have to go back there anytime soon.  I do try to stay healthy enough.  The latest visit was the infection under the skin.  Something I hope to never have again.  It was rather painful and well they can be rather serious so yeah, not interested in having it again.

Calli is back from working with her dog and doing her homework so we are going to play a game of uno.  We both love that game.

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