Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturday 3-9

It has been an interesting day.  I met with a potential student who will be starting on Tuesday.  I am very excited about this.  She is very interested in learning the Classical and Broadway music.  She is a junior at Oakland University.  I think we will get along just fine.  She seems very nice.  Nina missed her lesson.  For some reason her mom was running so far behind that they never made it to piano.  Robyn had her lesson.  She did very well and we started a new song for her to work on her range and her airflow.  She seems to like the new music that we worked on today.

I had Maisy all afternoon.  She was so sad that Heather and kids left her here with me.  She soon perked as she came with me to the bank, to get gas, and to Panera for lunch.  Later on we went out again for a drink from McDonald's.  I wanted a diet coke so much.  In the car went little Maisy.  She seemed to like the rides.  I can't believe that I actually drove with the Maisy on my arm and lap at one point.  Yup, I have become that woman who brings the dog on errands.  However, I did not leave her in the car by herself as I was not comfortable doing that.  We even took a nap together.  I lifted her on my bed (yes, I voluntarily had a dog on my bed) and I was lying down and she was lying down next to me.  She was so cute.  I think we slept for about 30 to 45 minutes.  Shortly there after the crew came back home to unload and to drop Acer off.  He needed food and was tired of packing up stuff.  Acer read me a book and now we are in the process of finding a toy that has triple A batteries so he can take them out and put them in his easy reader toy.  We have had a fun evening.  Acer is heading for bed now.  Calli will be heading there shortly too.

My headache has been medium bad today, which is why I needed to rest more than usual.  Maisy was a very nice rest companion.  She is very soft and sweet.  Maisy does bark a lot but once she gets used to being here and everything calms down, I think she will calm down and not bark as much.

Well, everyone is home now.  It is almost time for bed as we will lose an hour tonight thanks to that daylight savings time.  I am very tired tonight so I will be going to bed earlier than usual.  I am just that tired.

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