Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday 3-4

It has been a good day despite the extra soreness, even my hair hurts tonight and it has all day.  I slept until 2 pm this afternoon.  I was just so exhausted, I tried to get up, I just couldn't.  I am hoping tomorrow will be better as I have a few errands to do.  I need to return a package to target, go to the bank, pick up some music, and get gas.  I need to get a new CD for the Musical Theatre Anthology Vol 2 for Mezzo/Alto because I can't find the CDs that I am sure I have somewhere.  I also need to get the prescriptions that are ready to be picked up too.  I plan to be up at the regular time so that I will be able to finish all the errands I need to run.

Maisy was so cute tonight.  She was left here tonight while Calli, Acer, and Heather went to cheer practice.  There really isn't any place for the little girl to go while the kids are practicing.  Mostly she was okay.  She likes Isaac especially because he gave her treats.  Sam is a bit afraid of her but Rahul is not.  Both boys had their lessons this evening.  They are so sweet and cute.  Sam is a bit sillier at times than Rahul but Rahul can get silly.  Rahul is doing much better.  Rahul is going to play "Jesus Loves Me" for the spring concert.  I can't remember what song Sam is playing.  His dad switched cars with their mom and the books were in the other car.  Rachel had her lesson.  She is ready to start level 2.  I love how her grandmother always gives me the money ahead of time so I have it.  I will pick up her music tomorrow too.  Isaac is doing really well on his "Who Am I" from Les Miserables.  He is playing it on the piano.  He is also singing "Empty Chairs and Empty Tables" from the same play.  He sings it very well.  Isaac is a good singer.

I finally have ink for the scanner/copier.  It has been several weeks since it ran out of ink so tomorrow Sammy can copy her music that she needs to copy and put in her binder.   I also will be able to have Allison copy her music for her binder too.  I will be copying the CDs I get tomorrow for Allison.  She is singing "I Dreamed a Dream" from, you guessed it!  Les Miserables!  Natalie also wants to sing "On My Own".  Since she is almost 13, she can.  I don't generally let anyone under 13 sing love songs but she is so close to being 13, it is okay.  Robyn is going to start with the Young Singer book this week.  I looked everywhere for that book and I couldn't find it anywhere.  I found it yesterday in the living room just like I expected.  It was on the tea table next to the chair I like to sleep in.  It is very comfortable for me.  I have a hard time with the sofas at time but with the chair, it isn't a problem.

I have a new student on Saturday, Jennifer.  She is a singer.  I also have a meeting with a young lady named Megan on Saturday.  She wants to meet with me first, which since she said so right at the beginning of our communication, I don't mind.  I only become upset if I don't know that is what the student or potential student wants.  Jennifer wants to sing with her church choir.  It is nice that when I have a student quit, another one starts.  This keeps the balance for me and I need that.  Sometimes, it seems I have a lot of new students because I don't often mention the ones that have quit.  My handsome young man, Laith, is having his last month of lessons.  He is moving and it is going to be too far for him to come to me.  I am asking some of my friends for recommendations for teachers in his area.  He is a good pianist and it would be sad to have him quit.

Aubrey is almost done with her books.  She is doing amazing.  She has blasted through levels 1A, 1B, 2, and almost 3 in just over a year.  She started in December 2011 between Christmas and New Years.  She is also 8, freshly turned 8.  This is very unusual especially as she is not in the prep books for the younger students.  I started her in the regular series that I use for students who are 7 and above when they start.  Her mother said she reads very well, which is why I chose to put her in that book and she has just done really well with it.  Her two younger sisters also play piano.  They are in level C and they are 6.  They just turned 6.  They are twins and they are so sweet and do very well also.  Brooke seems to like practicing better than Jillian, but they both practice.  I owe Aubrey a $10 gift certificate as well as Laith and Sarah.  Speaking of Laith, I need to get a gift certificate for Club Penguin.  I better do this now.

On to looking up info for Laith and then reading!

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