Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday 3/23

It has been a some what busy day around here.  First up were a couple of lessons, Nina and Sally (a new student).  Nina is a pianist.  She chose her spring concert piece today.  Sally is a vocalist and we worked on a piece she wants to perform at her church.  It is from the Messiah by Handel.  She worked pretty hard on it this afternoon.  When I finished the two lessons, I had to take a nap.  I was so exhausted.  I think I slept for about an hour.  I picked up Ellie's and Ryan's books for them.  I did buy a neckstrap for a saxophone, but it was the wrong size.  I need one for the Baritone Sax.  I am going to call my friend, Dan and order one.  I will drive out there and pick it up.  It isn't too far away, about 45 or so minutes so that isn't bad.

I worked on updating my vocal music catalogue this afternoon/evening too.  I have discovered about 38 books that do not have the songs that are in the books listed.  This is not a good thing as when I am looking for a particular song, I will not be able to find it.  Once the filing cabinets are moved, then I will have the two young ladies, Sammy and Gabby, come and put all the music away.  Then I will put the songs in from the books.  I also am still working on the changing of the cases for the CDs that I use for teaching.  I have one drawer completely finished.  I have 2 more drawers to do and the box with the original CDs, then I will be done.

The makeover for the music room is coming along nicely.  I have a few more pictures up and some have been moved to other places.  The puppies and horse pictures that used to be in the upper hallway are going to be donated.  I have taken pictures of them to remember them by.  That is all I needed to do.  I have the cool Music picture on the wall where the baby pictures use to be and the Friendship picture I got from Julie is also in the living room (which is now the music room).

For some strange reason, my chin bone hurts.  I don't know why, it just does.  I also have a bigger headache than usual but since we had the little accident with the scented water, I am not surprised.  Calli accidentally dropped the bottle that had the scented water in it on the carpet in front of her room.  We opened the dining room window, her bedroom window, and the furnace room window too.  She was rather upset but it was an accident.  Calli also made sure she washed her hands really good after cleaning up the mess and she changed her jeans because a small amount got on her.  She and I worked on her math with the abacus today.  Calli is doing rather well at it and so is Acer.  I helped him the other day.  Acer tried to teach me how to use it but it so went over my head.  Maybe another time he can show me.  I think my thinking skills were gone that day.

I feel that we are all adjusting to the new living situation rather well.  I am happier and Heather has even noticed it.  She is right, I am happier.  I don't feel as stressed out as I did.  I was starting to feel a crash and burn coming on and I think with the move in, it went away.  I don't know if I will crash and burn, but should I, Heather and Bill are in the same house so if I need to go to the hospital, they are there and also, it won't be such a devastating effect on my bills if I miss for a few days.  So over all, I am feeling less stressed.  I still ache constantly, but the stress level is down.  I think Heather's stress level is down too, same with Bill.  I also think it is really cool that on the days I teach later, someone leaves me a plate with food on it.  I like that.  I am on kitchen patrol while Heather is on laundry patrol. This is actually so much better because I seriously hate to do my laundry.  I don't know why, I just do.  I would rather wash every dish by hand than do a load of laundry.  So my job is to keep up with the dishes.  Calli helped me tonight.  I washed the pots and lids and Calli dried then I put them away.  She also expertly wiped out all of the chili macaroni and cheese bowls.  That is a big help.  With the septic tank, we have to be careful what goes down the sink drains.  She is very good about wiping her plate and bowls.  Calli also swiffered the kitchen tonight as well as vacuumed both sets of stairs and the hallway.  It is one of her weekend duties because her guide dog sheds more than the other little dog Heather has.  I took a few pictures of Maisy tonight.  She is such a beautiful dog.  Q is really beautiful too.  He is a black lab.  He coat is so shiny and soft.  Calli works pretty well with him.  She has several days a week where she has specific things to do with her dog but she is doing good.  Since Q is with Calli all the time, he doesn't hang around like Maisy does.  I will try to get a picture of Calli and Q to post.

Well, I am going to read a bit before bed.

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