Tuesday, March 26, 2013

the adventure continues 3/26

The music room is shaping up nicely.  The three filing cabinets are in the room now.  I just have to work on adding the song lists to the 38 books that do not have that information.  I also need to work on finishing up the CD project.  Sammy and Gabby will be coming to put away all the music that is all over the house, or so it seems.  I have several piles in the family fun room and several piles in the dining room not to mention the piles that are in the music room.  I look forward to this being done.  Then we can work on the Little Man's room and the family room.  The dining room will clear out as the other rooms do.  All in all, things are progressing well.

I had to have another protime test today.  I will have to have another next week as my blood is not being cooperative.  I must miss my dose tomorrow and then lower another dosage for one more day so that on 2 days I will have one dose and the other 5 will be a different dose.  I hope this really helps because, well, I really want my blood to be where it should be.

I did hear from the doctor at the study.  I tried to call her back but she wasn't in today.  I will try again tomorrow.  I am not sure outside of she wants to talk about my medicines what she will tell me but that is okay.

I have been rather stiff these last few weeks for some reason.  It is probably the changing of the weather, but I am very stiff at night these days.  My headaches seem to be improving a bit.  There are still bad in the morning but not so bad at night this week.  I am hoping that is a sign that this new medicine will work for me.  Two chances I suppose as my mom used to say.  Either it will or it won't.  I am voting for the will.

The hematoma on my calf is still there.  It has been there for about 3 months now.  It is still really red and swollen.  It doesn't hurt unless I have been driving for a while or sitting in a different chair than what I usually sit in for a while.  It really hurt the other day when I was driving home.  I hope it goes away soon.  It feels rather strange to feel a hard lump on my leg.  Fortunately, it hasn't gotten any bigger or redder or more sore because that could be a sign of it turning into a blood clot.  Something I really, really, really, really don't want to have again.

I am counting down the days until I get to see Kathy!  4 more days until Easter Sunday and then I shall be with her and her family at her parents house.  Her parents are really nice and her mother cooks so good.  Believe me when I say, no one can leave the table hungry at Kathy's parents' house.  If they do, it is their own fault.  I almost have everything I need for Easter.  The students are getting their pencils and I have things in mind for Kathy's kids.  I just need to get something for the two young people who live here.  I will be asking Heather for suggestions.  It still seems weird to call someone else my name in my house but hey, at least I will never forget her name!  I plan to get my medicine and the Easter stuff on Thursday.  I have 2 refills at the Pharmacy right now.

I will have a few more students than I thought next week during Spring Break.  I like that kind of a surprise.  I have a few who are going to be out of town, but several will be home and coming for their lesson.  I am so lucky that I am able to teach the few lessons I can.  It keeps my mind off the pain but also it keeps the fog from getting worse.  There are days when it is really bad and I have to cancel lessons on those days.  Sometimes the pain is that bad and I can't think or do anything other than rest.

Well, it is getting a bit late and I think it is time for a little bit of reading before bed.

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