Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday 3-10

I didn't have any lessons today, which was a good thing since I have had a pretty bad headache since yesterday.  At one point I thought I was going to have to have a pain shot, but I am holding off as it is not as bad as it was.  I also ran several errands today.  I got some of the books that Rachel and Faith will need, all of Brooklynn's, and all of Aubrey's books.  Aubrey is a very gifted student.  She has finished the levels that I use of the Alfred books so she is now going to the Keith Snell books.  I am so excited for her about this.  It will be wonderful.  She and her sisters are such delights.  It is hard to gage how far Aubrey could go because I have never really had a student quite like her since Melissa years ago and when she got to the same point as Aubrey, she was 14 so it wasn't quite the same thing.  Also, I was much more insecure with my piano teaching at the time so when she got to that point, I stopped teaching her.  Now, I am much more confident.  I know what I can and cannot teach.  It is so fun to teach Aubrey and the others.  Aubrey is excited about how she will pick her songs, as soon as I find the CD or get a new one.  I need to find the copies that Mom made because she gets one.  How she picks her songs is that she listens to the CDs and tells me which ones she wants to do next.  There is a new thing to learn in every song.  I love these books and boy am I glad someone years ago told me about them.  Also, she will be able to play some fun stuff too.  All in all, she is in a great place piano-wise.

Maisy and I had a quiet afternoon.  We went for a small drive and she seems to really like drives.  We also took a nap too.  My head was so bad that I had to lay down for a while.  Maisy can now jump up on my bed.  I think I slept for about an hour or so.  It didn't really help the headache too much though.  I am hoping tomorrow it is better.  I will probably go to bed a bit earlier than usual because of the headache.

Today is the last day of moving stuff.  From what Bill said last night, 99% of the stuff was out of the house and all that was really left was the garage.  The rest of Acer's toys are here now so he is a happy little man and the rest of Calli's stuff is here too.  Calli is working on her room, getting it organized and everything in its place.  I figure it will take a while to get everything re-arranged in the house.  Heather and I have already fallen into a pattern of things that work for us.  Heather does the laundry and I take care of the dishes.  I dislike doing laundry so this works well for me.  I don't mind doing dishes especially since I am lucky enough to have a dishwasher.  I am working on re-arranging the kitchen so that we have more space to use.  I have moved my medicines to the pantry so it wouldn't sit on the kitchen counter out in the open.  Now that I have housemates, we need the space for cooking as there are now 5 of us to cook for.  So far, I think things are going well.  Heather has had some bad headaches, which tend to happen a lot to her too but she just takes her medicine and rests then she is better.  I am the same.  I don't think I am stressed more or less than I was before.  I feel better about the bills and about safety.  I do think I sleep a bit better despite still waking up a lot during the night.  I seem to go to sleep faster than I used to.  It is nice to have company during the day and the kids home in the evening.  The kids are very busy children though.  They have several activities during the week and on the weekend.  Calli turns 13 next Sunday.  It will be an exciting day for her, I think.  I vaguely remember turning 13.  I had a small party and I was excited to be a teenager.  Mom and I were in a hardware store when we both saw this sign that said, "caution, if you have a weak heart, do not enter, a teenager lives here."  We bought it and it was put on the back door where it stayed into my younger brother turned 20 years old.  I loved that sign a lot.  It gave us all good giggles and sometimes you just need a good giggle.

Tomorrow is an educational fibro conference.  I think Maia and Tillie are planning to attend.  I am not sure.  I have to remind my friend, Cheryl tomorrow so that she can see if she can attend.  I need to send directions to Maia tonight so they know where they are going.  I hope it is good.  Dr. Clauw is a really good speaker and he is one of the top researchers of fibro.  Every time I have heard him speak, it has been interesting and I also usually learn something new.  Right now a lot of the buzz is about the new blood test that may be used in the future for diagnosing.

Time to read and then bed.

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