Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

I did not wear anything green today.  I usually don't.  My reasoning is, of course, I am Irish so I don't have to wear green or orange (because I am a protestant).  Both sides of my family goes back to Ireland.  The Paxtons were seafaring people and the McAgys were tailors.  Saying that the Paxtons were seafaring people makes me wonder how many of them were pirates, although, in fantasy or myths, pirates are not such bad people but in reality, they are horrible and still are.  They killed innocent people, stole, lied, cheated, and committed many sins so I am not sure why people (including me) create them in our mind to be something they are not.  Anyways, it has been a quiet St. Patrick's Day.

I attended a Michigan Music Association meeting today.  It was good.  It was mainly a wrap up meeting for the competition that was in February.  My students and I had a good weekend.  There were a few things that came up that we need to discuss more but overall, I think everyone thought things went well.  I am on the board of directors, which I am glad about.  I don't mind not being on the executive board as long as I am still on the board of directors.  I like helping out before the actual competition rather than do a whole lot at the competition.  One of the main jobs I have at the competition is checking that the trophies match the student as well as the category and place.  We did really well this year because no one received the wrong trophy so that was good.

Today is also Calli's birthday.  She is now 13.  This of course means, we have an official teenager in the house.  She is a sweet young lady who was very excited to turn 13.  Right now she is out with her grandparents, parents, brother, and a friend for dinner while Maisy and I hold down the fort here at home.  Maisy and I had some nice snuggle time together on the chair in the music room.  Right now the lovely Maisy is lying down next to me here in the dining room.  She is so lovable.

In the next few weeks I am going to be collecting all of my mom's jewelry to give to people.  I am not sure what everyone wants, if any.  I am going to keep her pearls as well as the necklace that is now mine.  I need to get into the safe deposit box.  I need to find out how much it costs to have the lock drilled out since I cannot find the key and I don't think there is any hope in finding it.  Anyways, I want it done by around Easter.

Well, off to change CD cases to paper cases.

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