Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday 3-12

Well, now the real work has begun, finding a place for everything.  Yes, that will be the fun thing.  Combining 2 households into one is a challenge but it is one we can meet.  I figure it will take a few months to get everything settled.  I have about 5 boxes and 1 bag that needs to be shredded too.  Heather started a box ladies group on facebook.  I, of course, am a member.  The idea is for us to go through our boxes and get rid of what we don't need and donate what can be donated.  I did my box for the week already.  Heather and I went through a box on Sunday so it is ready to be donated to the thrift store.

I had a new student this afternoon.  She is very excited about starting lessons.  I am glad about that.  She did very well.  Her name is Megan and I met with her on Saturday.  Nick also started his voice lessons this evening.  He really liked "Any Dream Will Do" a lot.  I am glad because I really like that song too.  He did very well with the Italian Song too.

I have had this particular headache for about 4 days now.  It is kind of weird because it is in my face but also on top of my head.  I tried some sinus medicine but that didn't work at all so I am back to my usual medicine.  It isn't bad enough to use the alsuma shot, but if it doesn't improve by tomorrow, I may have to use the breakthrough medicine.  Just once, I would like to not have a bad headache for days in a row.  I am hopeful that this will happen some day in the future.

Well, I think I am going to read for a bit.  Tomorrow is a Physical Therapy day.  I have a few lessons afterwards.  Aubrey will be getting her new books tomorrow.  I am so excited about this.  She is excited about it too.  Her lesson is the last one of the evening so I have a bit to wait after PT to see her.

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