Tuesday, December 18, 2012

6 Days Before Christmas 12-18

I can't believe that Christmas is next week!!!  Oh my!!!!!  Wasn't it just Thanksgiving?  It sure seems that way.  I have a few things to get still, but mostly I am ready.  I will spend Christmas Eve with Kathy and her family at her parents and Christmas Day will be at my Uncle John's house.  Andrew will be there too.  I will have a few lessons between Christmas and New Years but not as many as I usually have.  It is to be expected.  I have a few plans for next week.  I am going to have the Muglia girls come and have a movie marathon.  Calli is also interested in attending.  I am not sure what will watch, but hey, it is spending time with the girls, that is what is important.

Two of my students, Dan and Mary, are planning to have their lessons next week Wednesday instead of Tuesday since that is Christmas Day.

I am not feeling so good now.  I think perhaps the white fudge oreos were probably not a good thing to eat.  I haven't had a lot of sugar in about 6 months so perhaps I should have had a few less than I did.  I think a salad would have been better and since I was craving sugar, an apple would have been a better choice.  Well, tomorrow is a new day and I can begin again.

Tonight is NCIS night.  I love these shows.  It is a Christmas Episode on NCIS.  I think on NCIS Los Angeles will be a Christmas Episode too.

Kathy has had a bad headache for a few days now.  I hope it has gone away for her.  I will find out soon.  With her working in the daytime now, figuring out a good time to call is a bit of a challenge.  I am counting down the days until I get to see her and the family again.  That would be 5 days until I will be able to spend time with her and her family.  I just need to wrap a few presents.  Yeah, I haven't done that yet.  We are going to church near her parents house and then after church we will go back and open presents.  I have to remember to have my scooter put back in my car since it is too far to walk to her parents condo from my car.  I hope the weather won't be too bad with a lot of snow.  I am liking this no snow season so far.  I don't usually mind it on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day because it doesn't seem like Christmas without it.

On Sunday I am heading over to my cousin, Maia's house for dinner.  I wasn't able to attend the family parties earlier in the month because my head was just too bad.  I think the new medicine is helping a bit.  I have gifts for the little ones and it will be nice to see Maia and Danielle's family.  Danielle's son, Myles is one year old today.  It seems like yesterday he was born.  He likes it when anyone is holding him.  He doesn't cry when I hold him which is good because Phoenix does cry when I pick her up.  Phoenix is about 6 months older than Myles.  Myles is the youngest member of the family.  Now that I have texting, I speak to Danielle a lot more than I used to.  It is nice to see how she is doing.

Tonight is a tea kind of night, I think.  I love Biglow's Decaffeinated Earl Grey tea.  Is really good.  I also like twinnings earl grey but not the decaffeinated one just the regular one.  I am going to finish watching NCIS Los Angeles and then read for a bit.

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