Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday 12-14

There are 11 days until Christmas.  I will be prepared when it comes, I just feel like time is rushing past me at full speed.  I am feeling a bit better over this twitching hands issue.  It could just be good old Fibro symptoms.  A couple of the people on one of the Fibro facebook pages that I belong to, say that their hands do the same thing so I am not as worried about them as I was.

It has been a rather quiet day around here.  I had a few lessons and I finished up the order for the concert on Sunday.  I will be finishing up the ornaments tomorrow with the last of them to do.  I have to paint their names and year it is on the front.  I am happy with how they are turning out.  Natalie and Hannah have created the covers of the program.  I am waiting on Natalie's now.  I already have Hannah's.  They are such great artists.  My former student and now a good friend, Star is teaching them.  All of them seem to get along so nicely.  The 3 of them have the love of Harry Potter between them.  Hannah and Natalie are improving they say so that is a good thing.  Star, Kelly Lynn, and April will also be performing in the concert.  All 3 are former students and I asked them if they were interested in performing.  All 3 said yes.  I thought it would be a nice thing for my current students to see what some of my former students were up to music wise.  Kelly Lynn is now a teacher just like me.  She and her sister, April perform together.  Star and Kelly Lynn were just recently in a musical a couple of months ago.  Star and April also have Fibromyalgia just like me.  I have added Star to a couple of face book pages that are for fibro people.  One of the pages really focus on nutrition, which I am glad about.  The other two are good for support.  It is really nice knowing that there are other people who have the same problems that I do.  I do like to see how different people get through their day and how the manage their symptoms.

I have 4 of my little cousins' Christmas presents.  I have Elizabeth (4), Warren (5), Phoenix (1), and Esther (2).  I know what I am getting Jayson (5) and Myles (1).  Jayson will get his on Christmas Day.  I hope to be delivering the rest of them next Saturday.  I am getting Andrew, my brother, a gift card because that is what he wants.  I will get my Aunt and Uncle a gift certificate too.  I am almost done with my students' gifts.  That will be done tomorrow.

I love my nook so much.  I was afraid that it would be too heavy to use but it works just fine.  I have already read 3 books on it.  It is definitely the way to go for me.  I do like the paper type books, but I do like the nook books too.

I think I am going to read for a bit and then head for bed.  I have 2 lessons tomorrow and then lots of sewing.  I also need to get the plates, napkins. and cups for the reception after the recital.  It will be awesome.

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