Tuesday, December 4, 2012

a step closer to the 21st century 12-4

I had to get a new phone today.  I did add texting to it.  Because I have to be able to call Canada, I couldn't get the iPhone 4.  It isn't a big deal but it was a nice thought.  Maybe in the future I will be able to get an iPhone but I don't really need a data plan.  I have talking and texting.  That is all I need.  I am just figuring out the phone.  I am sure I will have it down pat in a few days.

The students did really well today for their lessons.  Sammy was absent because of too much homework.  She wanted to have a make up so Sammy will be here on Friday instead.

I went and purchased the quilting batting for the students' ornaments.  I just have to cut them out and then sew then.  I picked up the ribbon and the fabric paint I need.  I always put their names on their ornaments and the year they get it.

My headaches have been the regular headaches yesterday and today.  I am thankful that they are not bad or medium bad ones right now.  I hope tomorrow is good too.  The weather here has been rather insane.  Last week a couple of days were really cold then on the weekend it got warmer.  It is still been warm.  I am not complaining because I do prefer the warmer weather, not too hot, but it is nice out temperature wise.

It is time to read a bit before bed.  I have a few errands I need to do tomorrow before lessons at 4.  I need to pick up some books on Friday for Sean's lesson on Saturday.  He is really doing well.  I am quite please with his progress.

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